Buying a comfortable bed is one of the most important purchases you are likely to make. Buying the correct divan and mattress will certainly enhance your quality of life. Bed frames are a different matter. It's about the mattress you put on it.

Broken BedYour mattress really matters. In August 2011 a study was conducted by RTI to determine whether the chosing the right mattress led to an improved nights sleep.  One of the discoveries they made was  that we may only be able to discover the best mattress for us when we are asleep. Our bodies behave differently when we are asleep. Once asleep, we relax and lose muscle tone and spinal support. Therefore a mattress with the correct support whilst you are wake might not be the support you require whilst sleeping.

Apart from enjoying a great nights sleep in a hotel or at a friends home, when you can check the make and model of the mattress, it is difficult to fall asleep in a showroom.

With the benefit of our experience, Big Brand Beds bring you our recommendations to help you make the correct selection.

Let's look at the Impact of getting it wrong

Upsetting your partner.

Lack of sleep caused through pain and discomfort.

Insomnia, restlessness and poor sleep patterns.

Waking up tired, irritable and grumpy.

Additional expense of having to buy another.

Steps you can take to reduce the risk of buying the wrong mattress

Never buy a used or second hand mattress.

As a minimum, remove your overcoat before trying a new bed.

Lie on a mattress in store for at least 15 minutes in a variety of positions. If you feel it's difficult to move around, it might be too soft for you. If you feel excess pressure on the hips, shoulders and back, it might be too firm for you.

Make sure you use a similar and certainly the same amount of pillows that you do at home.

Lie on the bed with your partner, don't be shy!

Shop in the morning. Most mattresses will feel comfortable at the end of the day when you feel tired.

And remember, don't compromise on a good nights sleep. Always buy the best mattress you can, and that isn't always going to be the most expensive as the Which report of October 2012 discovered. The Relyon Pocket Memory Ultima mattress was voted best buy at £469 for a double, whilst the Tempur Cloud 22 at £1999 came last in tests.

If your mattress lasts 10 years and cost you £500, that's just 13p a night. It's not a lot of money to invest in your well being.