Back pain is a terrible thing. Not only is it incredibly painful, it limits you from moving the way you’d like meaning you struggle to lift anything, stand-up and it evens stops you from sitting comfortably on the sofa. And no one wants their favourite soap to be interrupted by pain.

But what causes back pain and how can it be alleviated? Well the most common reason for having back pain is from an injury true, but a lot of people don’t realise that back pain is a very common side effect of sleeping on an old or poor mattress. This is because an old mattress (one that is older than 8 years) or damaged mattress will have lost all those lovely supportive qualities that make for a great night’s sleep.

Sleepeezee mattressSo where do you start with buying a mattress for a bad back? Well you’ve probably heard that a firm mattress – or indeed sleeping on the floor – is a must to cure back pain, but is this true? Well it depends really! There is a common misconception in the world of mattresses that a supportive mattress means a firm mattress, but in fact a supportive mattress doesn’t need to be firm. It all comes down to preference at the end of the day.

If you are buying a mattress for a bad back you should look, first of all, at how you sleep during the night as the position you sleep in will affect your purchase.

For those of you who sleep on your front/stomach, which is a common position for sufferers of back pain, you will need a particularly firm mattress. Otherwise your face will sink into the mattress too much and cause discomfort. A firm mattress will keep you afloat. Side-sleepers will need a softer mattress more suitable than stomach sleepers, this is because they need the extra softness to provide support and comfort to the hips and shoulder.

Of course, most people will want a combination of these with a medium-firm mattress tending to be the most popular overall. This is because a medium-firm mattress is soft enough to contour the body to provide comfort, but also has a decent level of firmness to support lower back issues. A too-soft mattress will offer little support while a mattress that is too firm will push against your spine causing pain.

A memory foam mattress is a particularly good mattress for a bad back as it’s a great combination mattress – comfort and support! Your spine is curved, and a memory foam mattress is the best equipped to contour itself to the shape of your spine. This maintains the alignment of your spine meaning your spine is relaxed and in a natural position. It’s when your spine is in an unnatural position – such as straight – that pain occurs as your body is unhappy and strained.

Some people can be put-off by the idea of a memory foam mattress as they don’t like the feeling of sinking in. However, it’s now also possible to get a combination of memory foam and springs in one mattress. These mattresses combine all the comfort of a memory foam mattress in combination with the support of a sprung mattress.

We’ve got a great selection of mattresses for a bad back.

Hypnos bedHypnos

Hynos mattresses are only filled with natural fillings. The no turn New Orthocare collection and the two sided turnable Orthos collection each provide 4 different qualities of fillings. All are available in a firm or extra firm tension. The Hypnos Orthocare 12 (pictured) is a great example of a supportive yet extremely comfortable model. It has a reactive 12 turn spring and is upholstered with generous layers of naturally soft and breathable latex, hand teased hair, alpaca, cashmere and eOlus™ sustainable fibre, which helps regulate body temperature.


Sealy mattresses are available with both open coil and pocket spring units which are designed in conjunction with the Orthopedic Advisory Board. Not only do Sealy employ great craftsmen, they also consult doctors, surgeons and clinicians when developing new mattresses. The Sealy Postuepedic has a push-back system that helps to distribute weight away from the heaviest parts of our bodies. The Which? Best Buy Sealy Messina Pocket 1400 mattress has a deep layer of Innergetic Latex for outstanding comfort and pressure relief.


Sleepeezee manufacture a good firm range of backcare mattresses with pocket springs. However, not all firm mattresses are good for you so it’s important to take time in choosing the right one. The Sleepeezee New Backcare Extreme 1000 has been perfectly designed and beautifully crafted for those seeking a traditionally styled bed that provides firmer, orthopaedic support. As this is an internet range only, we do not have this bed on display in our showroom.

We always urge our customers to try before they buy. It is important to come to the showroom and try the beds as it can be an expensive mistake to discover you have the wrong mattress. We have a great range at our showroom in Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 0AD.

The most important thing to remember when buying a mattress though – especially for back pain – is that investment is key. It might seem great to get save money with a bargain mattress, but you might find you pay for it in pain in years to come.