Christmas IS the most wonderful time of year, but it can also be the most exhausting. Forgetting the big day itself, your days from around the end of November until the start of January can be an endless list of parties, nights out and get togethers. Which can sound fun on paper, but these late nights, alcohol and excess food can really take a toll on our bodies.

Yet fear not! You can still make it through the party season attending all your events, while still fitting into your favourite party dress and not falling asleep before the Doctor Who special airs. You just need these extra special Christmas tips:

Surviving the Christmas Office Party HangoverBefore Your Night Out

Your actions before a night out can greatly affect how good you feel the next day, so it’s important that you prepare in advance – especially if you’ve got work or other events in the same week.

First things first, make sure when you go to bed, you get a good sleep the nights you are in. That means going to bed at a reasonable time and resisting temptations like browsing social media on your phone and trying to binge watch shows like Stranger Things on Netflx. Instead, try to focus on relaxing and getting a great night’s sleep – at least 7 to 8 hours. You can’t technically ‘bank’ sleep one night for less sleep later in the week, but going out after a great night of sleep will at least help.

If there’s going to be a buffet, and you don’t want to indulge too much, then there’s a couple of simple ways to avoid temptation. Firstly, avoid over-eating by arming yourself with a good-sized healthy meal before you leave. Food with healthy fats (such as avocado) or high in protein can help you feel fuller for longer. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will also ensure your body is well hydrated before you leave.

During Your Night Out

The major problem with a night out is alcohol – it may feel great at the time, but come the next morning that hangover is going to leave you with serious regrets. That doesn’t mean you need to avoid alcohol though! A hangover is our body’s way of dealing with dehydration, so by keeping yourself as hydrated as possible will both help you sleep that night and feel better the next day. So, aim to have a glass of water between every alcoholic drink and aim to stop drinking a few hours before you plan on heading home.

Food wise, aiming to snack on protein-heavy foods and avoiding fried foods (such as crisps and chips) can help keep you full, help your hangover and won’t be over-laden with excess calories.

After Your Night Out

When you get home, it’s time to get those anti-hangover cures out. This means drinking at least a pint of water before bed to help boost your hydration. You can also take some paracetamol at this point to help ease a headache.

You should also consider a pre-bed snack, but before you order them alcohol soaking chips and cheese, you may want to consider a snack that will help your hangover more – and not attack your waistline! A chicken sandwich is a good option as chicken helps metabolise alcohol. Or, you could have something simple like avocado on toast or banana and peanut butter on toast. Both of these options are high in potassium and will help ease any hangover.

Plus, the quicker your body metabolises the alcohol, the more sound you will sleep and the better you will feel in the morning. Indeed, you may even wake up feeling fabulous and ready for the next party!

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