We love our partners; we (probably) wouldn’t change anything about them for the world. But there is something incredibly wonderful about stretching out in bed and not hitting the lump that is your soulmate. Indeed, you might act all upset when your partner tells you that they need to go away on business, but secretly you’re awfully excited about having the bed all to yourself.

Now, what if you could have that luxury every night? No, we aren’t suggesting you get a separate bedroom, or worse demoting your partner to the sofa, but you could treat yourselves to a super king size bed (6’0” x 6’6”). This is 180cm x 200cm of space where you could stretch out to your heart’s content, but still have the option for a cuddle if you so desire.

Super king sized beds might seem like an ultimate luxury, but they are incredibly beneficial – and we’re not just talking about for added comfort.

Hypnos Orthocare 10 Divan BedOne of the biggest reasons for arguments in a relationship is due to sleeping badly. Whether this is because you argue about the other’s sleeping patterns or even an argument that is brought on by grumpiness due to lack of sleep. A super king size bed is perfect for ironing out those arguments. For one, your new bed will be so big that both of you will be able to stretch out comfortably. Similarly, if your partner moves a lot in the night – which can wake even the deepest of sleepers – you won’t be able to feel it in this super king sized bed. Pictured right is the Hypnos Orthocare 10 divan and mattress

These benefits can be especially vital for parents. Just think, when you have a new baby there are going to be lots of night time feeds, which one of you is going to be in charge of. But there’s no point in both of you losing sleep during the night. You’re less likely to feel your partner getting in and out of a bigger bed. This means that every time one of you gets up to see the baby, the other can get some well-deserved rest time. This is equally useful for those of who have small bladders too!

Of course, a 6 foot bed isn’t just useful for new parents; it’s great for all parents. Just think, as your kids get a little older he/she is going to start having nightmares and want to sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed to feel safe. In a normal double this is going to be awfully uncomfortable – especially when your child decides to starfish. This means that the next day you’re going to be tired and struggling the next day, whether that be at work or looking after the kids. If you had that extra big 180cm x 200cm bed then you’d all have adequate space to get a decent night’s sleep.

Super king beds aren’t just about the health benefits though, they are also incredibly aesthetic. Just picture this magnificent centre-piece in your bedroom. These beds can really make a room look wonderful.

It might seem like a big investment, but when you consider all the benefits and the fact that a high quality bed will last for years, it seems daft to be stuck in your current double. Take the plunge and add a super king size bed or bed frame to your home – you certainly won’t regret it.