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Staples bed logoThe Staples Orion Supreme Pocket 1000 Divan & Mattress is another bed that is part of the exclusive Dreamworld Collection of beds made for Big Brand Beds. With up to 4 FREE drawers, the Staples Orion Supreme Pocket 1000 Divan & Mattress represents tremendous value for a Staples pocket sprung bed.

Staples & Co Ltd have always been synonymous with high quality pocket sprung mattresses. After all, they have been proud holders of the Royal Warrant since 1932. Royal Appointment was first granted by King George V and has been graciously renewed by each successive monarch including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. At Big Brand Beds, we believe that if Staples beds are good enough for Royalty, they are good enough for us!

Staples-orion-supreme-pocket-1000-Mattress-blog-300-624.jpgThe Staples Orion Supreme Pocket 1000 Mattress has 1000 pocket springs in a 5ft mattress (king size). The mattress has excellent cooling and refreshing qualities, having a bamboo layer, which naturally resists harmful bacteria leaving the mattress feeling cool and fresh. There is then a layer of cotton for natural moisture control. The mattress is then hand tufted, like all Staples mattresses for extra stability and secures the layers of mattress fillings. The borders of Staples Orion Supreme Pocket 1000 Mattress are then reinforced with side stitching. This provides added edge to edge support of the mattress.

The Staples Orion Supreme Pocket 1000 Mattress will appeal to a great many people as it is available as a medium tension mattress and a firm tension mattress for those that prefer more support.

As with all Staples beds the sprung edge divan base comes with the option of storage and choice of 3 fashionable divan base covers. The Staples drawers are all fitted on steel rods for ease of use. Single beds (3'0"), double beds (4'6"), king size beds (5'0") and super king size beds (6'0") are all available in the Staples Orion Supreme Pocket 1000 collection. And with prices starting at £599 are cracking value.

Staples-orion-supreme-pocket-1000-bed-blog-250-623.jpgYou might already have a metal bed frame, leather bed frame or upholstered bed frame that doesn’t need replacing, but the mattress does. This is not a problem as the Staples Orion Supreme Pocket 1000 can be supplied as a mattress only. The single mattress (3'0") is £449, double mattress (4'6") is £549, king size mattress (5'0") £649 and super king size mattresses (6'0") £749. And don’t forget that you can choose the feel you require – medium tension mattress of firm mattress.

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Prices quoted for the Staples Orion Supreme Pocket 1000 bed are correct as at the time of posting this blog, but are subject to change.

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