Snuggle Down for Valentine's Day

Christmas and New Year have been and gone and the heady days of summer sun and holiday fun seem such a long way off, so we may be feeling a little blue. At least there is Valentine’s Day to look forward to, though, a day to brighten the winter with wine and roses (and chocolate of course!).

Valentine’s Day is a special time for many couples; a time for wining and dining, for giving each other cards and gifts and most of all a time for showing love.  And after spending an evening in your favourite restaurant or even in front of the TV sharing your choccies with a loved one while watching a favourite box set, what better end to a lovely day than snuggling together in a comfortable bed sharing the luxurious warmth of a goose down duvet.

Valentines Day snuggle downA new bed for your Valentine?

This is the ideal time of year to treat yourself to a new bed.  There are so many different styles to choose from with different comfort levels to suit your exact requirements.  You can curl up in an ultra modern divan style bed perhaps with a memory foam mattress or maybe go for something more traditional; a bed with a solid wooden frame or an elaborately designed metal frame for that gothic look.  What about investing in a TV bed frame or a pretty walnut TV/media stand so that you can view those favourite box sets without having to leave the comfort of your bedroom.  You could have an adjustable bed so that both of you can control your own comfort levels.

If not a new bed, how about a luxury goose down duvet?

If your existing bed is ok, you could look at choosing some luxury bedding to really warm your winter.  A goose down duvet is perfect for snuggling into when the weather outside is cold.  Goose down is the soft under plumage, which enables geese to withstand colder temperatures, and it is the perfect insulator.  It is very lightweight and has the advantage of returning to its original fluffy shape when squashed, so no more frantic shaking the duvet up and down for ages!  Goose down is also extremely breathable, allowing moisture to wick away and so providing greater comfort.  Why not combine it with a luxury goose down filled pillow for ultimate comfort and encase them in a beautiful duvet cover set to give the boudoir a romantic look just in time for Valentines.

Of course it’s a good thing that Valentines day falls on a Saturday this year, so you can have a long cosy lie in on the Sunday morning – as you definitely won’t feel like getting out from under your luxury goose down duvet any time soon. When Valentine’s Day is over you’ll want to carry on snuggling all year round!