When it comes to decorating we can get a little too tied up making sure that the fence is painted or that the kid’s bedrooms reflect their latest cartoon obsession, but what about your own bedroom? For any couple your bedroom should be a romantic getaway designed for you both to get some much-needed alone time in. But if your bedroom is looking tired or cluttered it can be hard to feel any romantic vibe from it.

Which is why it’s important to ensure that your bedroom is just as well-maintained as the rest of the house and to make it as romantic as that hotel on your honeymoon. You’ll soon find that with a few of these ideas that your bedroom will feel romantic and sexy all-year round. In fact, you might never want to leave your bedroom again!

Bedding is Key

There’s nothing more romantic than a weekend away in a posh hotel, but what if you could bring that romance to your bedroom at home? Luxurious bedding can seriously improve the romance in your bedroom. Think high-end cotton with a high thread count just like the hotels use and a luxurious Die Zudecke Canadian snow Goose down duvet. Match this with a king-sized bed and you’ll be desperate to get between the sheets.

Romantic BedroomAntique Style Furniture

Nothing quite says romance than dramatic furniture. Large wooden or metal headboards create a stunning centrepiece for your room that puts all the focus on your bed. Matched with your luxurious bedding, there will be nothing more tempting than jumping into bed. Our Serene headboards are just the thing.

Choose Your Own Colour

People will tell you that feisty reds or purples are the definitive romantic bedroom colours, however these are not to everyone’s taste and could even be a turn-off. Instead pick colours that you both love as a couple. Perhaps even the theme colours from your wedding day. Whenever you see this colour you will be reminded of how much you love each other. 

Dump the Clutter

It might be easy to let your bedroom become a second playroom for the kids or as a laundry room, but then your bedroom will lose all its appeal and romance. Instead make sure your bedroom is purely for you both. Firstly make sure your floor is clear and everything unnecessary put away in storage. Only allow needed decorative items to be put on furniture and try to keep family photographs at a minimum. Always keep in mind that your bedroom is your haven from work and stress so decorate it to make yourself feel relaxed and happy. Feeling romantic is much easier when you’re both happier.

Lamps are Flattering 

Overhead lighting can be harsh and unflattering. Instead use bedside lamps with soft lighting to create romantic shadows. Never go over 60watts and try to use ivory lampshades. You could even swap the white lightbulbs for pink ones as these will create a softer, more-flattering light. 

Lose the Distractions 

Your bedroom should be all about quality time with your partner – not the latest Facebook posts. Try to ban all technology from the bedroom and actually chat to each other. You’ll feel a lot closer and happier for the change. 

Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net