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The Relyon lorry has just pulled away from our store in Rustington, West Sussex having delivered the new Relyon Royal Lytham Pocket 1000 bed to us......and what a helpful driver he was! That's not to say that all drivers aren't helpful, but this one went over and above the cause.

Relyon Royal Lytham Pocket 1000 bed The Royal Lytham was launched at the AIS bed show back in September to replace the very popular Pocket Options 1000 bed. However there are a couple of changes, well I should say enhancements. Firstly there are now 18 great divan base fabrics to choose from, and the base is now available as a shallow divan base on castors. If you don’t fancy any of the plain fabrics, the base can be upholstered in the same fabric as the mattress.

Let me explain more. The new shallow base is 13” high with castors and is available with a padded top, with our without drawers. It is also available as a sprung edge base. On this option you can’t have drawers.

We now have displayed in our showroom a king size Relyon Royal Lytham Pocket 1000 divan and mattress on a shallow padded top base with 2 drawers, covered in the new heather fabric. We have opted for the medium tension mattress as this represents at least 80% of our sales. It looks and feels great and at £899 for the model displayed is great value.

We have also added the Relyon Modern Slim headboard in heather to complete the look. This finishing touch gives the bed a tailored look. It’s a floor standing headboard that neatly aligns with the width of your mattress and base. The headboard is fixed to the base in the way other headboards are, by way of integrated wooden struts.

Relyon-Modern-Slim-Headboard-200-1677.jpgTo complete the look you might want to think about new bedding. We have loads of duvets, pillows, duvet covers and sheets to choose from.

Please note that the price quoted is correct as at the time of posting this blog. However it is subject to change.