Relyon Mattress Review The Relyon Coniston Natural Wool 2200 MattressThe Relyon Coniston Natural Wool 2200 Mattress has become our best selling Relyon mattress.

This week our Relyon mattress review is the Coniston Natural Wool 2200.

Today we are reviewing the Relyon Coniston Natural Wool 2200 Mattress. We have a double Relyon bed with 2 drawers on a firm edge sprung divan base on display in our bed shop.

Immediate impressions are this Relyon bed looks a lot of bed for your money. The deep layers of fillings and two rows of side stitching give the appearance of a much more expensive bed. The bed is 70cm high which is ideal for taller people. Relyon will also make a low height divan base of 32cm which will bring the overall height down to 62cm.

As I sit on the mattress in preparation for lying down, I immediately notice the benefit of the firm edge sprung divan base. The side of the bed does not collapse as much as it used to on a sprung edge base. Lying down it was evident that the comfort was still at the same level with the firm edge sprung base providing a supremely comfortable feel. A firm edge divan is made with the same springs and offers all the comfort of a sprung edge base. The only difference is the springs are set inside a timber frame which helps prevent roll off and offers a greater sleeping surface rather than being on top of the frame.

Relyon Mattress Review The Relyon Coniston Natural Wool 2200 MattressI’d always thought that this bed would be too soft for me, but after lying on it for 5 minutes I realised just how supportive and comfortable it really is. The deep layers of wool, which is a natural insulator providing coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter provide a really cosy feel. Lying on my side I could feel the wool fillings providing comfort to the parts of my body with most pressure, namely shoulders and hips. The pockets on the sprung divan base were supportive without too much give. I then flipped onto my back and checked out the voids. Placing my hand under the small of my back I could feel the area filled with comfortable layers of wool upholstery. This is held in place with traditional wool tufts.

There are 2200 pocket springs in this king size Relyon mattress. Pocket springs move independently and provide the best postural support. The individual pocket springs follow and support your body shape and weight. A huge benefit of this Relyon mattress is that it requires no turning, a very useful feature as the double mattress weighs 36kgs.

For the ultimate look complete your bed with a matching Relyon headboard. There’s plenty of choice. And don’t forget that all Relyon beds and mattresses come with a full 8 year guarantee.

Big Brand Beds Relyon mattress review

It’s easy to see why this is our best selling Relyon mattress. I have never thought a medium comfort mattress would be for me as I am tall with a big build. However, I could easily sleep on this bed. Not only is it extremely comfortable, it’s great value as well.

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