There was a good article on ‘bizarre expiry dates you’ve never heard of’ in the Daily Mail on Wednesday last week. It was interesting to see that it featured pillows as well.

There was a quote from one of our buying group members, Ulster Stores who also own de Gruchy in St Helier, Jersey, a store I spent 10 years working for as a consultant. Anyway enough nostalgia, back to the article.

The life of your pillow very much depends on the quality of the materials and fillings used. Common sense dictates that a cheap polyester filled pillow isn’t going to last as long as a more expensive well filled Snuggledown Clusterfibre pillow. You only get what you pay for. As the article says, some cheap pillows can lose their support after only 6 months.

pillow fightWe tend to stock better end pillows and leave the cheap and cheerful to other retailers. It’s a false economy to spend a little when by spending a bit more you could have a pillow that lasts 4 times as long.

There are several tests that can be done to see if your pillow is still up to scratch. A simple one is to place it width ways across your fore arm. If it collapses either side, it is probably time to replace it. I wasn’t entirely sure about Sammy Margo's 'broken pillow test'. She recommends folding the pillow in half lengthways and placing a trainer on top of it to see if the pillow throws the trainer off. I really can’t see that working with my size 12s, except with a Dunlopillo Serenity Latex pillow. But then latex is supremely resilient, recovers quickly and seems to last forever.

But on a more serious note, a poor pillow can cause the user problems with their neck and back. The correct pillow should ensure that your spine is correctly aligned and your neck and shoulders are supported. Therefore if you tend to sleep on your front a thin soft pillow is the right option for you. For a back sleeper we would recommend a medium pillow and the most common sleeping position, the side sleeper require a deep filled firm pillow.

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