After a long week at work it’s hard to not go a little wild on a Friday or Saturday night, but the resulting hangover can really ruin the rest of your weekend.

We’ve all been there, practically crying in our beds the next day, pounding headache and feeling like you might vomit at any given minute. But that tempting glass (or bottle) of red wine on a Friday night is just far too persuasive to stop us. Instead, we need to work on tips to save ourselves from the hangover blues in order to enjoy the best of both worlds! Now, there are a lot of daft tips on the market – such as a hair of the dog, which only delays a hangover and is a dangerous habit to get into. In fact, there are only really two things that you need to concentrate on to cure your party blues.

Party Time. Sleep Tips to Help a Speedy RecoveryRehydration

The first thing to do to prevent and get over your hangover is to think water. Alcohol is going to seriously dehydrate your body – which is why we get a pounding headache the next day. When you’re drinking out it can be a good idea to try and drink a glass of water in-between alcoholic drinks. Of course, this isn’t always convenient and it’s easy to forget.

However, as soon as you get home you should make it a priority for yourself to drink a very large glass of water and keep a glass beside your bed in case you wake up during the night. It’s not a bad idea to take a couple of pain killers before you get to sleep too – just in case!


Which leads us to the second very important tip. Sleep is by far the best way to curb that horrible party hangover. By getting a full night’s good quality sleep after your boozy night you will be seriously improving your chances of feeling fresh the next morning.

But just jumping into the bed and hoping for the best isn’t enough to cure that hangover. You need to ensure that the sleep you get is a good enough quality for your body to recover from the alcohol you drank the night before.

In order to ensure this you should make sure your room is a positive sleep environment that will help you relax and drift off. You need a comfy bed with a good quality mattress that supports your body. This will help to stop you tossing and turning during the night, thus losing out on sleep. You should also try and ditch your phone before you get into bed. The bright screens are going to muck up your body clock – which is especially bad when you’re probably going to bed in the early morning anyway. Of course ditching your phone has other benefits too, it might just stop you sending some embarrassing drunk texts too!

If you have a partner it might be worth investing in some snore-proof earphones. Alcohol can make even the best of us snore but you don’t want your snoring to interrupt your partner’s sleep or you’re might just end up with someone very grumpy and very hungover the next day.

If you do wake up feeling tired and rough the next morning don’t overcompensate with caffeine. This will only make your hangover worse. Instead try to eat a good breakfast and get back to sleep. You’ll wake up later on fresh and ready for the next party! 

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