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Steinhoff-UK-Brands-Logo.jpgWe have received some not such good news from Myers, Slumberland and Staples relating to the new computer system installation.

Unfortunately, despite their team working 15 hour days to resolve the issues, progress has been slower than they anticipated. The situation today is that they will begin to make some deliveries this week but the reality is that they will not be back into full production and delivery until the beginning of next week.

They are then faced with almost two and a half weeks worth of orders that require manufacture and delivery as quickly as possible. They will be making every effort to get all of the outstanding orders delivered at the first opportunity and are ensuring that all orders are made and shipped on an age dated basis.

We know this is not the news anyone wants to hear and once again I apologise that Myers, Slumberland and Staples difficulties are causing a lot of upset and inconvenience to our customers.

Once again, they assure us that they are doing everything they can to fix these problems as quickly possible. They have asked for our understanding that right now they are not able to answer our enquiries about deliveries until they have the new system fully operational and the factory itself back up to speed.

They are hoping to have caught up and have their normal delivery service back in place by the end of next week. Fingers crossed!