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It’s just after WW1 and Harry Selfridge has a wedding to sort out. Similarly, albeit  a few years later Mr & Mrs Charles Kingston and William Henry Vokins had the wedding of Gladys Kingston and William Howard Vokins to arrange. Howard as he was known had served as a Captain in France during the war years.

The Selfridge wedding was a rather quiet affair due to the recent passing of Harry’s wife Rose. The Vokins wedding, on the other hand was very much a society affair, with hundreds of members of the general public turning out to wish the happy couple well.

WHGV & GK Wedding 900 18.10.27

Unlike Selfridge, the wedding party was not held in the Vokins department store but 200 yards away in the Royal Pavilion, Brighton’s most famous building. Like Rosalie Selfridge and Serge De Bolotoff they honey mooned in the South of France.

The following is taken from newspaper reports of the wedding held on Tuesday 18th October 1927.

“The marriage celebrations were attended by close upon five hundred people and a spirit of real sincerity and friendship prevailed. Great interest was taken in the union between two well known families. The ceremony, which was crowned with brilliant sunshine, took place at the parish church of St Peter’s, Brighton. This gave the greatest satisfaction to the crowds waiting outside the church hoping to see something of the ceremony which has aroused wider and deeper interest than any wedding held in Brighton for a very long time.

A reception was subsequently held at the Royal Pavilion, where some five hundred guests responded to the invitation to be present. The company were received in the grand corridor by Mr & Mrs Charles Kingston. Refreshments were served in the Banqueting Room and South Dining Room, and the Saloon was reserved for lounging purposes. The wedding presents were on view in the North Dining Room.

A Thé Dansant rounded off a most enjoyable occasion. Mr & Mrs Howard Vokins, afterwards, left amid a shower of rose petals for their honeymoon en route for the South of France.”

Howard went on to take over from his father in heading up the Vokins business.

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