There are two types of people in the world. First you get the people who are naturally gifted at being tidy, who seem to be able to organise all their belongings with zero stress into wonderfully neat drawers.

And then you get the rest of us that find keeping our bedroom tidy a little harder. Indeed, some of us are so bad at being tidy that our bedrooms are starting to resemble that of a stereotypical messy teenager’s room. But all is not lost, even the messiest of adults can learn to become a domestic king or queen will just a little bit of training.

Messy bedroomStep 1: Declutter

One of the main reasons a room becomes messy is due to a lack of storage. Of course, you can buy more storage options but if you still have too much accumulated ‘stuff’ in your bedroom then you’ll never get it properly tidy.

Instead, take the initiative and have a brutal clear-out of your belongings. Which, of course, sounds easy on paper but, when it comes to having to part with those super skinny jeans that fitted you when you were 18 and you’re keeping in the hope that one day you can wear again, getting rid of belongings can be emotionally tough.

Before you start, make some rules for your clear-out. When it comes to things like clothes, books or CDs then decide on a “last used” cut-off to decide whether you should keep it or not. This will help you to become more ruthless when it comes to creating more space for yourself, which in turn should leave less mess.

Step 2: Be Clever with Your Storage

Now that you have less belongings, actually storing the rest of your things should become a lot easier. Storage is the perfect way to make your room look tidier as you’re, more or less, hiding all your stuff away from the eye.

The only problem with storage though, is the fact that not everyone has enough spare space in order to fill their room with extra drawers or wardrobes. However, not all is lost, even if you have the tiniest of bedrooms, it is still possible to have great storage – you just need to be smart about it!

Ottoman beds are a perfect example of clever storage. After-all, we all need a bed in our bedroom so why not utilise your bed into spare storage? These beds simply lift into the air meaning you can store things like shoes, bags etc. away tidily. To maximise the space under your bed, look no further than the Hypnos Hideaway divan base. The entire area under your mattress is storage space.

Similarly, if you have little floor space then you should try to make the most of the height of your bedroom by investing in furniture that’s taller and less wide as this will take up less room and give you better storage and things like shelves are a perfect place to store all those books or DVDs that you love.

Step 3: Set Yourself a Tidying Day

Once you’ve had your initial clear-out and found storage for all your belongings then your bedroom is going to look at lot tidier – as long as you keep it that way! Maintaining your bedroom’s tidiness can be a pain, especially if you are naturally messy, however by setting aside around 30 minutes to an hour every week to tidy up your room then you’ll find it stays tidy for longer. Being a domestic genius is like becoming an athlete – you have to train yourself really hard, but eventually being tidy will become natural or at least less painful…

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