You’ve probably heard for decades – especially from our parents – that a firm mattress is exactly what you need for good health. In fact, many believe that a firm mattress can solve a host of problems while we sleep.

Firm mattressHowever, when it comes to the perfect mattress for our bodies, there is far more to the process than “firm is good and soft is bad”. In fact, a firm mattress might even be completely detrimental to your body. Instead, choosing a firmness rating in our mattresses is actually far more to do with our sleeping positions and preferences.

For instance, a person who sleeps on their back would benefit from a firmer mattress, whereas, those who sleep on their sides might find that a medium to soft mattress is easier to sleep on.

Even then, there is no real rule that determines what kind of firmness our bodies would prefer to sleep on. Rather, you are better to visit a shop and test mattresses to see how they feel for you before you make any rash decisions.

In the meantime, here’s our guide to mattress firmness ratings and who they might suit:

Firmness rating: medium/soft

A soft mattress is particularly suited to those of us who like to sleep on our sides. The ‘sinking -in’ feeling you get from a soft mattress can prove very comfortable, making it a popular mattress. This softness can be particularly good for older people or those with joint pains as there is less pressure on them.

Firmness rating: medium

A medium mattress should be thought of as the perfect compromise mattress. Not only is it soft enough to make your mattress feel indulgent and comfortable, but a medium mattress also provides enough support to your spine. A medium mattress is also particularly good for couples where one would prefer a softer mattress and the other a firmer sleeping area.

Firmness rating: medium/firm

Similar to the medium mattress, a medium to firm mattress is another grand compromise mattress. As well as for couples with different needs, this firmness rating is also very useful for people who sleep both on their side and their backs. This firmer option also offers superb support for your shoulders and hips as you sleep.

Firmness rating: firm

As mentioned before, a firm mattress is particularly good for those who sleep on their back or stomach as it keeps your spine in a natural alignment while you sleep. It is also beneficial for larger in larger individuals as it has less give.

Firm mattresses can often be perceived as uncomfortable though, especially for those who have been used to softer mattresses, but once you are used to them, they can provide great comfort and quality of sleep.

Firmness rating: extra firm

An extra firm mattress is often referred to as an orthopaedic mattress, as this mattress can really help those of us with back or spinal problems to relieve their pain with the support they give. However, this is not always the case. For some people – especially those with lower back or arthritic problems – an extra firm mattress can actually cause further pain so it’s important to test a mattress before you commit to it.

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