Mark’s Weekly Review - Hypnos Alto Pillow Top Divan & MattressFresh back from the Hypnos factory, after being shown how their family run business operates I thought now would be the prime time to put one of their beds under the microscope. And what better place to start than the Alto Pillow Top.

Now Hypnos is an interesting name. It actually originates from the Greek God of sleep. If you speak to anyone that has a Hypnos bed they would probably agree that they live up to their name.

The Hypnos Alto Pillow Top has become a superstar in our showroom here in Burgess Hill. We are under no illusion that the Premier Inn advert currently running on TV with Lenny Henry has helped massively with promoting the Hypnos Brand as they have put one in every bedroom. The Alto pillow top is the closest mattress we have to the contract one in their rooms.

Before I’ve even lain on the mattress I can see the comfort instantly with the wool filled pillow  top and tufted finish. It’s shouting quality at me and looks sumptuously comfortable.

After spending 20 minutes lying on this bed, tossing and turning trying every sleeping position imaginable, I couldn’t find one reason it shouldn’t be in my bedroom. The 2 rows of hand side stitching gives you edge to edge support meaning if you buy a king size you really do get 5ft of bed to use without worrying about the sides bowing out. It’s great to know the mattress will retain its original shape.

Hypnos Alto Pillow Top Divan BedAs I mentioned before, we have just returned from the Hypnos factory, so it’s great to see that when a company states it’s a handmade bed, that’s exactly what it is.  

Tufts. What’s the point? This is a question I get asked on a regular basis and after my factory visit I can safely say they have a very important job within your mattress. As you may already know these aren’t something you often see on a memory foam mattress.. The tufts have the job of holding all the layers of natural filling in place. It stops displacement and helps the mattress retains its perfect shape.   

Luxurious fillings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Hypnos Alto Pillow Top. It has a Re-active pocket spring system with 6 active turns per spring. Instantly you can feel the pocket spring system, with each spring working independently for optimal body and spinal support regardless of your shape and weight. This made me feel certain I would enjoy a comfortable and supportive nights rest.

Now I’ve spent a lot of time telling you about the mattress but the base is just as important. In the showroom we have paired it with an open coil firm edge divan, giving you additional comfort. For a slightly firmer feel I would choose a platform top divan. And with either choice you then need to decide if you would like storage and then which colour upholstery. There’s over 40 fabrics to choose from! 

My final analysis for the Hypnos Alto Pillow Top is;

If you are looking for a more comfortable and support night’s sleep, I don’t think I could ask for a better quality and finish than this. This bed is hand made in the UK with a 10 years guarantee and fully recyclable at the end of its life. At the time of writing this review we are offering a king size for the price of a double divan across the range.

The average person makes 36,000 decisions a day. I could confidently say I would use one of them on this bed.

See you next week when we will be reviewing the Relyon Pocket Memory Classic divan and mattress