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Where has the year gone? It’s already March and we all know what that means. It's National Bed Month which is the perfect time to look at changing your bed, mattress, headboard and bedding.

For my second weekly review, I’m putting the Staples Poplar Elite Pocket 1500 bed to the test.

Initially I was apprehensive about this mattress because it is has been traditionally hand tufted.  Visually, I’ve always preferred a quilted or stretch knitted cover top that sits flatter.. However once I lay on this mattress for a while, it really surprised me. In the showroom it’s displayed  on a sprung edge base, which means the whole base has a layer of springs on top, rather than a platform top that’s just solid. This gives a softer and more luxurious feel.

Now whether it’s because I’d had a late night or because it’s later in the afternoon and we’ve been extremely busy, I found this mattress unbelievably comfortable. . The generous layers of wool and silk sitting on top of 1500 pocket springs (in a king size) give it that high class hotel feel.  I mean if it’s good enough for HM the Queen by Royal appointment then it’s good enough for me.

Staples-Poplar-Elite-Pocket-1500-Divan-Bed-400.pngGoing back to the comfort level this mattress provides, it seemed to be very well balanced for my weight. As I’ve said before being slim is just as hard as being large when it comes to finding the right bed. The Staples Poplar Elite has options. It’s available in a medium or firm tension. The medium seemed to give the correct support but also gave me a feeling of weightlessness in its comfort.

Now a big issue I have is we can only fit in a 4’6” double bed in our bedroom. Most nights my partner somehow ends up almost horizontal leaving me the edge of my half, literally! On the odd occasion I give in and finish my night’s sleep in the spare room. Now I’ve just spent 15 minutes laying on the edge of this bed, twisting and turning, still on the edge, which quite frankly is ‘my half’ and there appears to be no give what so ever. I mean none! With my eyes closed it felt like I was laying the middle on a bed. It just goes to show when a mattress like this tell you it’s got 2 rows of hand side stitching for added edge support its worth noting.

Last but not least, mattresses these days are so heavy! I mean you can’t use all those lovely soft and supportive fillings and expect it to weigh the same as a shopping bag can you? I’m responsible for rotating our bed at home so the flag stitched handles make my life a lot easier, and who doesn’t want an easier life.

I’ve talked a lot about the mattress, but the base is just as important. The bed comes as standard with a sprung edge base, but if you require a firmer feel, you can have a platform top. Once you’ve chosen your base you need to decide on whether you require additional storage. At the time of writing my review we are offering 4 free drawers on this bed. The base can be upholstered in 10 great fabrics, so there is sure to be something to match your décor.

My final analysis for the Staples Poplar Elite Pocket 1500 is:-

It is an excellent quality bed. A great investment that should leave you with a healthy and refreshed body after a night’s sleep….. for many years to come. The soft silky feel is perfect for those cold winter nights and brisk summer mornings.

See you next week when we are reviewing the Sealy Alder Memory Deluxe divan and mattress