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Mark's Weekly Review - Relyon Mercury Luxury Pillow Top 1500 Divan BedSomehow we are already in April. Spring is in full Swing and our typical UK weather is at its best. Ha-ha. We don’t know from one day to the next if we can get into our gardens to sort them out after that long wet winter. This time of year always seems to be the same. Everyone wants to get out and enjoy the sun and have friends round for the first of many BBQ’s.

However, once the sun is shining we tend to ignore our interiors. That’s okay but if your bed is in need of replacing that is something that should never be delayed. Even losing one hour’s sleep a night can affect your ability to think properly and response time. It even compromises your cardiovascular health and ability to fight infection. With this in mind help is at hand.

This week I am reviewing the: Relyon Mercury Luxury Pillow Top 1500 Divan Set

Before I even test this bed it has a lot to live up to, I mean you can’t carry that name and disappoint. Well after 30 minutes of tossing, turning, changing position and stretching out corner to corner I can honestly say this bed seems to have every box ticked. I have tested many beds and it normally takes me 5/10 minutes to get comfy and relaxed but lying on the Mercury Luxury Pillow Top 1500 mattress, it seemed almost instant. The Sumptuous pillow top felt like someone had stuffed it with soft fluffy clouds. It’s that amazing and with the support of 1500 Relyon Mercury Luxury Pocket 1500 Divan Bedindependent pocketed springs in the King size mattress we have in the showroom it felt like I could sleep for a month on this! I have tested many pillow top mattresses from various suppliers and I can honestly say hand on heart this one is it for me. The finest silk and cashmere really comes through, giving you a feel of high quality within the layers. I would almost feel ashamed to cover this mattress with a sheet. This mattress is heavy, so being a non-turn but rotate only is an added bonus.

Let’s not forget the base; it does such an important job. Choosing a base can be as hard as choosing a mattress. The base I have on show is a sprung edge, which means it has springs throughout the top making it even softer and taking some of the strain off the mattress. Being tall and slim this suits me because I love the soft feel while ever so slightly sinking into it. But if I was heavier it probably wouldn’t suit me as I would sink into it too much. This is where a platform top base comes in. It has no springs so the mattress doesn’t sink down so much. It gives you exceptional support and comfort.    

Let’s not forget storage and headboards. Now at the time of writing this review we’re offering free storage. You can choose from non-storage all the way up to 4 Drawer/ 2+2 Drawer and the price is the same. An ottoman storage base in also available. It lifts up on gas struts to allow maximum use of the base be aware that it only available with a platform / padded top. The headboard choices are varied and you can choose one to match the base. Alternatively, why not contrast it with a wooden or metal headboard for even more individuality.  We have a great range of Serene metal headboards.

Finally once you and your partner have agreed on everything else you still have to choose a fabric! But don’t fear, to keep prices down for you we have 2 choices available, both nice and neutral that would suit most rooms and even if you redecorate in the future.

My personal choice of this bed would be: 150cm/King 2+2 (2 large, 2 small) Drawers on a Sprung Edge Base with a Serene Maiden oak headboard. This would currently cost £1258.00

My final analysis for the Mercury Luxury Pillow Top 1500 Divan Bed is;

What a bed! Relyon have excelled themselves with this all round supportive, comfortable and very sumptuous set. A mattress that has luxury in its name, a reputation to uphold and in my eyes it’s gone above and beyond my expectations.

See you next week when I’ll be reviewing our Hypnos Serene Supreme divan & mattress.