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Now were into our 4th Month here in our new showroom in Burgess Hill I have noticed certain items being more popular than others. We sell a vast variety of beds and mattresses but one thing that has been consistent is our Relyon roll up mattresses.

Now this could be for number reasons. Is it the price? Is it because they are available on a next day delivery to your home ‘If ordered before 11a.m.’ Is it because they are just plain comfortable? Either way we want to find out so this week I am reviewing the Relyon Memory Pocket Comfort 1050 mattress.

Firstly I want to look at the way they are delivered. This mattress comes rolled up and compressed looking like a huge sleeping bag or something. Why you might ask? Well vacuum packing makes them fantastic for transport taking minimal space and making it a takeaway item from our showroom. And it doesn’t do any damage to the interior components so really, why not?

Relyon-Memory-Pocket-Comfort-1050-Single-Mattress-400All you need to do with a vacuum packed mattress is unwrap and air them. We normally recommend 2-3 hours but try to leave it as long as possible for the best possible support and comfort.  And remember they can be stored wrapped, but they should be opened within 6 months of purchase.

I’m testing is a 3ft single mattress although they are available from 2ft 6” (small single) all the way up to 6ft (super kingsize). The first thing I notice is this super soft ‘Coolmax’ cover. It has a feeling of airiness to it allowing ventilation to reduce overheating. Another benefit is the cover can be removed for cleaning and is machine washable.

Surprisingly this mattress is very comfortable and supportive. I know I sound surprised and to be honest I was. When you think of a rolled up mattress you wonder how good it can be. But when you have a 3ft mattress with 590 pocketed springs encapsulated within the foam and a 35mm layer of memory foam on top you shouldn’t be surprised.

After 30 minutes or so I can honestly say that if I didn’t know it was a roll up then I would have presumed this was any other ordinary mattress. The support is great and the fact that the memory foam is only 35mm didn’t make me feel like I was being absorbed by it. It was more just a gentle moulding allowing me to still move freely and enjoy the support of the encased springs.

This mattress has so many merits it’s hard to believe they start at only £189.00 with free next day delivery.  Another great positive for this mattress is if you have a narrow staircase or tight angles to get to the bedroom, bending a mattress can damage internal springs and rod edges, compromising not only support and comfort but your guarantee. This mattress, even a King size, only comes in with dimensions of 35cm diameter X 155cm length making problematical access into your bedroom a thing of the past, without compromising on quality.

My final analysis for the Relyon Memory Pocket Comfort 1050;

This mattress allows for easy transport, whether that is from our showroom straight into the boot of your car or into a bedroom with limited access. Nothing is spared, pocketed springs with 35mm of memory foam and machine washable covers makes for a reliable good quality mattress. And  with a 5 year guarantee, what more can you ask for?