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We have recently introduced several new kids’ beds to our range, all at extremely good prices. We have several new bunk beds and of particular interest is the Birlea Nexus bunk bed. This combines a single bed on top of a double bed.

Birlea-Nexus-Bunk-Bed-250-1703.jpgThe Nexus combination was very popular and a great seller when we ran a similar product from Jay-Be. Unfortunately Jay-Be discontinued the range as cheaper imports affected the sales. We didn’t pursue this product as we felt it was a little overpriced for the quality. However, the Birlea Nexus (pictured right) is priced at just £159 for the bed frame, so now is the time for Big Brand Beds to reintroduce this to the range. Unfortunately mattresses are not included at this price.

We have also introduced a range of traditional bunk beds; the Weston is a wooden bed with a pine finish, the Seattle has a ivory painted timber frame, whilst the Corfu is a metal framed version in silver, but sells for bronze prices. We believe we have the best prices around on these products.

We now have a greater selection of midi sleepers / sleep stations in pine, ivory finish and silver metal. These are very versatile beds giving masses of storage under the bed. The three new models introduced are:-

Birlea Cotswold Midi Sleeper in ivory and pine finish
Birlea Cosmo Midi Sleeper in silver metal
Birlea Oregon Cabin Bed in beech

For those children that feel a little braver we have the high sleepers. These bed frames generally combine wardrobes and desk space under the sleeping area. Again these are particularly good if space is at a premium in the bedroom.

With prices starting at £139 for a Corfu bunk bed, it’s not going to cost the earth to put a smile on your children’s face by treating them to a new bed.

All prices quoted are correct at the time of writing this blog, but are subject to change without notice.