For many of us, dust is a never-ending battle. You can spend all morning hoovering and dusting, but as soon as you sit down for a well-deserved cup of tea, the sun will shine through your window highlighting all the little dust particles floating about, as if you haven’t cleaned in years. It’s enough to turn anyone insane.

So how do you wage war on the dust in your home – and in particular the bedroom where we spend 8 hours a night breathing in all that dusty air?

Clean Your Mattress

Man cleaningAs well as giving your mattress the odd vacuum, it’s also a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning your mattress a few times a year too. Not only will these help with your war on dust, but cleaning your mattress will have it smelling fresh and increase its longevity too.

Just cover your mattress with some bicarbonate soda (you could mix in a little lavender for a smell boost), leave for a few hours and vacuum it off.

Investing in a mattress protector, which can be removed and washed at a high temperature like your sheets, is also a great way to keep your bed dust-free.

Wash Your Sheets Weekly

The dust in our homes is made up of various things, but one of its main components is the old skin that us humans are constantly shedding away. Which not only sounds gross, but these skin cells are what dust mites adore to eat. So, if your bedroom is particularly dusty, you’ll be creating a little haven for these mites to live in – and the more dust mites you have, the more faeces they will produce, which many of us are allergic to.

One way to combat your dust and dust mite problem is to wash your sheets once a week at a high temperature, which will kill off mites as well as removing the skin cells they live off.

Hoover Everywhere

When we vacuum our rooms, we tend to focus mostly on the floor space and skirtings that we can see. However, dust loves to collect and fester under furniture – particularly our beds. Try to get into the habit of using the extension on the vacuum to do under your bed too on a weekly basis. You should also try to hoover your mattress once a month too.

Reduce Your Clutter

When you have too many ornaments or clutter in your bedroom, dust finds it easier to gather on your furniture as its harder to dust. To try and keep your bedroom feeling dust-free, have an evaluation of any ornaments or decorations in your room and try to reduce them down a bit. Not only will this make it easier for you to clean, the dust will have less places to cling to too.

Keep Your Pets Out the Bedroom

We all love our pets, but that doesn’t mean you should share a bed with them. Just like us with our skin cells, cats and dogs shed skin and fur, which adds to the dustiness in our bedrooms. Plus, they can also bring in dirt and germs from the outside too. Instead, try to keep your pets out the bedroom as much as you can. Or, if that’s not an option, ensure that you vacuum and clean surrounds more often to combat the extra dust. 

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