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John-Atkinson-logo-150There are many pleasures in life, but nothing quite hits the mark like snuggling on a sofa with a gorgeous blanket and a cup of steaming hot chocolate while a storm blows outside. Indeed, anything that involves curling up with a blanket is a good point to the day. But it can’t just be any blanket – a cheap, scratchy one isn’t going to make for a good nap in anyone’s book. No, you need a high-quality in order to get the best nap.

But how can you know which are the best in the world when there are so many around? Well, who’s going to have superb taste in quality blankets? The Queen of course! And who supplies HM Queen Elizabeth II with her royal blankets? None other than John Atkinson, the finest blanket makers in England and one of the leading manufacturers in the UK.

John-Atkinson-Siesta-Merino-Wool-Blanket-300So what makes John Atkinson so popular – especially with such high-end customers? Well, for starters, they've been making them since 1828 so they really know what they’re doing.  John Atkinson combines traditional methods with modern techniques to make incredibly high quality luxury blankets.

The traditional blanket is made using high quality wool which is densely woven to create a wonderfully cosy finish that is super soft to touch. These are also finished off using satin edging to create an even more luxurious finished product.

But don’t let the dense structure of them trick you into thinking they’re bulky and heavy. The John Atkinson blankets are actually very lightweight due to the fact that they are made from 100% wool. This means that during those chilly winter months you’ll be able to curl up feeling brilliantly cosy. You can even add it to your bed to add an extra layer of warmth during frosty nights. But this lightweight quality, which makes them breathable, also means that it’s perfect on those hot summer nights too. Simply ditch the duvet and use your blanket instead! It will be like sleeping with pure luxury.

John Atkinson blankets are available in a number of styles and sizes. You can even choose what kind of wool you want. Whether it be the Merino,  Atkincel cellular woollen blankets, which are available in more traditional colours like powder pink or champagne or the more modern Harlequin blankets that are whip stitched and available in brighter colours. For even more luxury there’s the John Atkinson Siesta Merino Wool Blanket which has super soft wool – perfect for that afternoon siesta!

John Atkinson has a blanket soulmate for everyone. Whatever colour your room is, whether it’s modern or traditional there is one just begging to be a part of your home. All you need to decide is which one you want to bring home with you.