New Year is all about creating a new, positive persona for the year to come.  From taking care of our bodies to our minds, but did you know that you can improve the spirituality of your home too? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form which is used to help balance our homes, by deflecting negative energy, and ultimately putting ourselves on the road to happy and successful lives.

Unsurprisingly, the most important room when practicing Feng Shui in the home is the bedroom. The bedroom is the place where we go to recharge our minds and bodies – indeed by having proper Feng Shui in the bedroom you will not only improve your spirit but you could improve your romantic life too.

But where do you start with Feng Shui ? Well here are some simple steps to improve your bedroom with Feng Shui:

Improve your Bedroom with Feng Shui1 – Your Bed

Bed placement is very important when it comes to improving Feng Shui. Perhaps the most important rule for your bed is that it should be kept as far away as possible from any doors and never in line with a door. Ideally you want your bed to be diagonal from your door so you can see out but are not in line with it. Being far away from your door allows you to be prepared for any surprises that may be coming your way.

You should also try to position your bed so you’re not sleeping under a window. Your head should be resting against a good supporting wall to offer your mind protection – a window tends to weaken your energy over time. A good hard headboard is also thought of as good Feng Shui. Pick either a wooden one or an upholstered (which will offer gentle support) one to help support your mind at night.

Be mindful with your mattress and never buy a used one – you never know what bad energy has been stored in it. You should always invest in a good quality mattress that will offer you support and a good night’s rest.

You should also consider having a bedside cabinet on either side of the bed as this will both centre and ground your mind.

2 – What To Avoid

There are certain objects and things that need to be avoided if you’re to Feng Shui your bedroom. Firstly your bed should be kept away from any distractions like televisions and desks. These will clutter your mind rather than relax it thus ruining your bed’s positive energy. If you can’t remove these objects from your room then try to cover them at night with a sheet.

Try to avoid positioning your bed directly under a light as this can create feelings of pressure and disturb sleep. You should also keep any paintings of water or fish tanks far from the bedroom as these can invite in a financial loss.

Plants should be kept out the bedroom too. Plants are thought to contain too much yang i.e. energy and will keep you from relaxing.

3 – What You Should Add

Your choice of colour in your bedroom is really important when it comes to Feng Shui as different colours promote different energies. For nourishment and stability go for beiges or light yellows, use metallics for clarity and preciseness, fire colours like red or orange will add passion and energy while pastel colours like lilac or powder blues will promote relaxation in your bedroom.

Add soft lighting to your room to make it more relaxing and serene – bright lights are not good for Feng Shui. If you like art in the bedroom you should pick something inspirational or from nature. Anything too disturbing or gory will disrupt sleep. Also avoid photographs where friends or relatives are staring at you, this will lead to feelings of being overwhelmed.

Lastly, one of the most important steps to making your bedroom more Fen Shui is to avoid clutter in the bedroom. Make yourself get rid of old belongings that you no longer want anymore. An uncluttered room will lead to an uncluttered mind.