Hypnos are best known for holding a Royal Warrant – meaning these mattresses are worthy of the Queen herself – but Hypnos are also famous across the globe for manufacturing incredibly comfortable mattresses for luxury hotels.

Their latest design, known as the Safe&Secure™ Bed Base, is one of the many innovative designs that Hypnos have created over the years, to help hotels save space, while still bringing incredible luxury to a room. The Safe&Secure bed is aimed at not only providing space solution for a hotel, but also adds a surprising added security measure to your hotel room by teaming up with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, who are a global leader in providing hotel security.

Hypnos Unveil Innovative Hotel Bed DesignThis partnership led to the inclusion of electronic safe being directly built into the base of these new Hypnos beds. Incredibly discreet, the safe is hidden behind a secret upholstered panel, which makes it incredibly difficult for a person not in the know, to realise that there’s a safe hidden in the bed frame. Sort of like in old films, where cat burglars would be looking for hidden safes behind paintings. To find this safe, hotel guests will need to push the panel to reveal the safe, which when opened can be pulled out, similar to a bed storage drawer.

The safe itself is big enough for a laptop to lie flat, which makes it perfect for business travellers who frequent hotels for work.

This design is perfect for hotels, as not only will a bed-contained safe save space, rather than a bulk safe in a wardrobe where guests would prefer to house their clothes, but by having such a well-hidden safe, guests are far more likely to use this safe option. Not only will this give guest’s a better feeling of security for their belongings, but hotel owners will be happier knowing their guests are happy.

Also, the bed base itself gives hotels lots of options, as it will fit any of the Hypnos mattress range, meaning flexibility on the type of mattress used for different levels of rooms.

John Woolley, Managing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds Limited, said about the new bed design: “We know that security is crucial to hoteliers, with guests expecting a secure space to lock away their valuables and important items. Our new Safe&Secure™ Bed Base meets this demand, offering guests the ultimate in peace of mind by enabling high-value items to be discreetly and safely locked away.

“As the ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Elsafe is securely incorporated into the bed base, it is the ideal solution for hoteliers looking to provide unrivalled security and protection for their guests. The bed base is also available with all of our popular mattresses, headboards and fabrics, meaning hoteliers can combine security with style and comfort, customising every aspect of their beds to create standout pieces that meet any interior design scheme.”

Of course, at the moment, Hypnos have specifically aimed this base at hotels only. However, it’s exciting to consider whether this safe design could be developed for the homes of the general public too.

Not many of us have a safe these days, but there’s no denying that a safe in our homes would add to our security, whether that be for hiding sentimental jewellery or keeping items like laptops safe while we go on holiday. Even better, the idea of a safe could be used for other practical uses in the home, especially for parents, such as hiding away medications that could be harmful or even confiscating video game controllers until homework or chores are done.

It will be interesting to see if Hypnos want to branch out their safe bed to homes in the future, but there definitely seems like there could be a market for the bed design to the public.

Since writing this article, we ahve taken delivery of our Safe&Secure™ Bed Base.

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