Marks Weekly Review Hypnos New Orthocare 6 Divan & MattressI know many of us are always slightly humorous when it comes to our British Summer, but it is still here and what a summer It’s been. With high temperatures BBQ’s are being lit week in week out. Now with these long summer days we’re burning the candle at both ends. With early starts and late finishes, it just shows us how important a comfortable and supportive Hypnos bed is.

This week my Hypnos mattress review is the Orthocare 6.

I think it is important for me to review Hypnos mattresses as early in the day as possible so as to avoid any feeling of tiredness which might lead to a biased view of comfort.

To start off I looked at the price. I mean sometimes people buy beds that are purely bought on budget not just comfort. The price of this king size Hypnos mattress is £639.There's currently an offer to buy a Hypnos king size mattress for the price of a double, so very affordable. Even with a support platform top Hypnos divan base its only £869 and with a 10-year guarantee that’s a good buy.

We have this bed in our showroom as a king size shallow divan bed on legs - natural tapered legs, our best selling leg. I must say this bed on legs sits on 17cm legs that look great and is ideal for those that want additional storage space underneath or those that want to be able to hoover underneath. Yes, you lose out on drawers but you can always buy storage boxes to go underneath. And now many of these are available on wheels. Our showroom model has a firm mattress on a platform top base. Now I would never normally say yes to a firm bed but as I lay there I felt good, really good. Lying on my back for 10 minutes, I found it was giving me so much support. This is strange for me as I’m always a side sleeper but maybe this bed would help my sleeping posture. I have been known to, which I know is caused by my old bed. Note to self to replace asap!

Hypnos Orthocare 6 Divan BedThis Hypnos mattress model comes with 6 Re-Active turns per spring making it one of their firmer beds is my opinion. Surprisingly it’s a bed I would seriously have at home even though I’m 6’2” and slim as you like. It feels great. The softer surface is British Wool and Olus which is a natural sustainable fibre, and as this is their new range they have packed it with even more layers of wool than the previous model. This could be why I like it so much.

Now having a strap line ‘Most comfortable beds in the world’ is a strong statement to live up to. Not every bed they manufacture will be right for you but this one might just be. With the generous fillings, hand tufting, edge to edge support and 2 rows of hand side stitching I would still be squeezed into my usual 2-foot share of the bed, but I’d feel like I’m in the middle. I literally hung myself 2 inches over the edge and still felt supported. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping like this though.

This Hypnos bed also has another great benefit. Its ‘No Turn’ which means you don’t flip it, you only have to rotate it.

Fabric, does it match? Will it match if we redecorate? There are over 40 upholstery fabrics to choose from, so it’s a hard choice. From my experience, most of our customers go for safe fabrics as they always blend with rooms if you do redecorate. My personal choice though is you only live once so go wild and get something that will make you smile when you go to bed and when you wake up. Your bed and sleeping is meant to be a joyous time so make it your own little piece of paradise.

Marks Hypnos mattress review

My personal choice for this Hypnos bed would be king size 4 drawer divan & firm mattress with the base upholstered in Linoso Red. What a statement! I would finish it off with a king size Grace strutted headboard.

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Originally reviewed 13 April 2017