Hypnos, the most comfortable beds in the world is a massive claim. However, once you've read about the Hypnos Adagio Supreme mattress and visited our bed shop to try it, you will be hard pushed not to agree.

This week our Hypnos mattress review is the Adagio Supreme.

The first thing you notice about the Hypnos Adagio Supreme bed is how striking it looks. It’s like a Ferrari in a car showroom, it wants to own the room. With the lush, skirted divan base, without storage drawers it gives the most stylish of looks. Paired with a Hypnos Euro Slim Harriett headboard, it stands tall and proud in our bed shop, looking so inviting you can’t just pass by without seeing what it’s like to lie on.

What's inside the Hypnos Adagio Supreme Mattress?

This no turn Hypnos Adagio Supreme mattress comprises:

  • ReActive™ 8 turn pocket springs
  • Camel wool
  • Wool
  • Alpaca
  • Talalay latex

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Adagio Supreme Mattress

Hypnos Adagio Supreme mattress finishing touches:

  • Chemical free Belgian damask mattress cover
  • Hand tufted
  • 3 rows of hand side stitching
  • Flag stitched handles (4 on a single Hypnos mattress and 8 on a double Hypnos mattress and bigger)
  • 16 air vents on a double Hypnos mattress and bigger
  • The Adagio Supreme mattress is available in a medium and firm tension

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Adagio Supreme Mattress

Information on all the upholstery fillings and springs can be found on our Hypnos bed & mattress product information page.

Now onto the main event, the mattress. It just looks like the type of Hypnos mattress that Hypnos Contract Beds supply to some of the world’s leading international hotel groups, independent boutique hotels, lifestyle hotels and private members’ clubs. I can imagine this as a stunning Hypnos emperor bed in a 5-star celebrity exclusive suite. This is certainly not the Hypnos mattress used by the Premier Inn.

This most luxurious Hypnos mattress is hand side stitched with 3 row of stitching, hand tufted and has so much filling you just want to jump on it and settle in. The luxurious wool damask mattress cover is so soft and silky to touch.

Sitting on the mattress in readiness to lie down, I am conscious that even though it is on a firm edge pocket divan base, the sides don’t collapse under my weight. Lying down, it very quickly becomes evident that It’s comfort and body support is wonderful and makes you feel so welcomed. Whichever way I lay, which in my own bed is normally on my back, then on to my front and finally the foetal position it is extremely comfortable and supportive. The generous layers of camel wool, alpaca, wool and latex upholstery really do provide exceptional comfort. The Adagio Supreme really is a big Hypnos mattress that feels like it will last a lifetime. Not only does it look like a Hypnos contract bed in a leading hotel, it feels like one, even in our Hypnos showroom! All it’s lacking is a big pile of fluffy pillows. Don’t be put off by the fact I describe it as a big mattress. It is, but another of its great benefits is it is a single sided no turn mattress.

The Hypnos Adagio Supreme is definitely a bed you would stop and look at and be tempted to try. The very look of it might make you think it might be out of your price range. However, with the current Hypnos bed sale offers we have like king size for price of a double and single mattresses starting at £1699 it becomes a realistic option. It’s backed by a full 10 year guarantee, from a family-run British company that have been manufacturing beds and mattresses for over 100 years.

As with all Hypnos beds for sale, there are multiple storage options including drawers, ottoman beds and the clever Hypnos hideaway storage base. The Adagio Supreme bed can also be custom made to your specification, higher, lower, longer, shorter or wider. Hypnos beds are a truly bespoke option with a great range of fabrics to upholster your Hypnos divan base in. Complete your bed with a luxurious matching Hypnos headboard.

This bed needs to be seen as an investment into your health and well-being. We spend on average 7 hours in bed, so make it as rewarding and comfortable as possible. Rejuvenate your body and relieve stress. Start each day with a Hypnos 8 turn spring in your step by waking up on the Adagio Supreme mattress.

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Adagio Supreme Mattress

Which Hypnos divan base should I pair the Adagio Supreme mattress with?

For a gentler feel choose a Hypnos sprung divan base

  • Hypnos firm edge divan base

For a firmer more supportive feel choose a platform top divan base

  • Hypnos platform top divan base
  • Hypnos Hideaway bed
  • Hypnos ottoman bed
  • Hypnos EasyStore divan base

Big Brand Beds Hypnos mattress review

The Adagio Supreme is so comfortable and supportive. The medium tension mattress feels as if it would be suitable for just about everyone, but to cover all bases this Hypnos mattress is also available in a firm tension.

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