Now you probably know Tom Brady for his epic quarterback skills in the NFL’s New England Patriots. Especially if you saw his playoff performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the weekend – there’s little wonder why this athlete has led his team straight into Super Bowl 51. He is at the top of his physical game and it’s clear why the Patriots are the favourites to win, a win that would be Brady’s fifth career Super Bowl championship.

But what you might not know about Tom Brady is that there is something that he’s just as passionate about as American football – getting a great night’s sleep! Which makes perfect sense as without a good night’s sleep every night, and especially before an important game, there is no way that Brady would be able to perform at peak fitness nor would his mind be sharp enough to make the key decisions that a quarterback needs to in order to win.

PJs-250Indeed, because Brady is so passionate about sleep, he’s created his own failsafe guide on how to get a good night’s sleep, which include:

1: Create a Pre-Sleep Routine to Relax

This is essential for getting your mind to relax at night. Brady recommends putting away electronic devices like your phone at least 30 minutes before bed in order for your mind to become quiet. This will also help keep your melatonin levels in check and help combat stress caused by social media and news.

2: Be Consistent with Bedtime

Much like when you were a baby, your body loves routine. If you can get it into the rhythm of going to sleep at a certain time each night, you’ll find getting to sleep easier.

3: Stay Cool

Sleeping when you’re too warm is incredibly hard as you’re uncomfortable. Instead try to keep your room below 18.5 degrees Celsius.

4: Keep the Noise Down

Not everyone lives on a quiet road or in the silent countryside, but it’s still very important to keep your sleeping environment quiet in order to help sleep. If you live in the city or on a busy road you should consider triple glazing and/or wearing ear plugs.

5: Air Quality is Key

Make sure your room isn’t full of dust or animal hair by regularly hoovering and keeping your pets away from your bed if you can.

6: Wear Recovery Sleepwear

Well so far, all Brady’s points have made perfect sense, but what is Recovery Sleepwear?

Well Brady’s passion for sleeping has led the footballer to delve into the world of fashion design by creating his own line of sleepwear that he says will ensure you get a better night’s sleep by helping your body recover through the infrared technology contained in the pyjamas. This technology claims to “rebuild your body” using this far infrared technology as a bioceramic print is contained on the inside of the sleepwear, this print will absorb your body’s natural heat and will reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and relax your body. It’s thought that Brady actually helped develop the technology after experimenting ways to decrease his recovery time after a calf injury in 2014. 

Of course, whether this technology works yet is unknown as the product has only just released, but with it’s incredibly premium price tag of £100 and upwards it’s likely that only really rich athletes will be able to afford them. However, if you’re stuck for a birthday present and are into your fitness this might just be the perfect gift for you. 

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