You may not want to admit it, but winter is definitely here, which means chilly nights, frosty mornings and, for some of us, struggling to get a good night’s sleep at night due to colder weather. That is, unless you know how to effectively winter proof your bedroom so that come those chilly nights when the temperature cools down, you are more than prepared.

Here are some of the most simple and effective ways you can winter proof your bedroom:

Bed Layers

How to winter proof your bedroomWhen winter comes we often add a few layers to keep us warm during the day, but sleeping in layers isn’t always comfortable come bedtime. Instead, opt to add layers to your bed by adding cosy blankets or throws to your bed. These can be added or taken away depending on the weather that day, and are particularly useful for couples who feel temperature differently as blankets can be added to one side of the bed only.

Increase the Tog of your duvet

Many people use the same duvet all year round, not realising that you can have a summer, winter and even autumn duvet. Duvet warmth is based on a scale of tog, with 6 tog being a good summer value and a winter quilt being anything from 10.5 to 13.5. These days duvets can be bought which can be split (all seasons duvets), meaning you use the lighter duvet in summer then simply attach – usually by buttons or poppers – the warmer duvet to make yourself a cosy winter duvet.

Cover Up Drafts

Windows and doors are the worst offenders in the bedroom for letting in an icy chill. Especially if there’s a gap. Generally, the easiest way to combat window drafts is by investing in new windows, such as triple glazing, which will trap heat in your room making it warmer. However, this isn’t always affordable for everyone. Instead, block window drafts using heavy curtains or by putting blankets over draft areas. Blankets can also be used to block drafts coming through doors.

Use a Portable Heater

Whether you don’t want to have the heating on through your whole home overnight, or perhaps your heating isn’t working at its best. Portable heaters are an affordable and simple way to add extra heat to a room. Simply plug them in when you get home from work, come bedtime your bedroom will feel wonderfully cosy. Portable heaters are also useful to have in the home in case you have any boiler troubles over winter.

If you do find that your radiators aren’t heating up your rooms as much as you’d like, it may be that the heat is escaping out the external wall behind. To combat this, something as simple as putting tinfoil behind your radiator can help reflect heat back indoors. Or, you may find that the heat is being blocked by large pieces of bedroom furniture, so try to keep your radiator space free.

Add Rugs to Wooden Floors

If you don’t have carpets in your room, the wooden flooring can feel particularly chilly in the winter. But that doesn’t mean you need to run out and replace all your flooring just for winter. Simply adding a few rugs can really increase the cosiness in a bedroom. Especially if you opt for a fluffy rug that will feel extra luxurious on your feet on a frosty morning. 

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