We’ve all seen that episode of Friends, where Rachel and Phoebe are determined to find where Monica has hidden their Christmas presents, despite the fact they had failed to find them in past years. No surprise, this year they were successful in finding the presents, after discovering the window seat in the flat was hollow.

Of course, this is a common problem in our homes on the run up to Christmas, as kids and even partners accidently find their surprise presents –  and there’s only so many times that you can claim that found presents are for cousins or other family members.

Hypnos BedsUsing that Friends episode as inspiration, one of the best ways to keep your Christmas presents hidden this year, is by cleverly using storage furniture that the kids might just think to be a simple seat or bed.

The hollow seat/show box used in the episode is a great place to start. These can be used in a variety of rooms in your home, whether you put it in front of a window, at the bottom of a bed or simply against a wall. Add cushions to the top to disguise and fill your box with as many secret stocking fillers as you want.

These days you can also get hollow leather/leatherette cubes and hollow wooden coffee tables that can be used for the same idea. Just make sure none of the kids know that they can open any of these up, or you may find that they get curious and have a look.

Unlike divan beds, that only provide a few drawers for storage, an Ottoman bed uses the entire inside of your bed to provide the perfect stash point for your gifts as there is so much spare space. Even better, Ottoman beds use a gas hydraulics so lifting your bed is effortless. It also holds itself open so you won’t struggle trying to hold the bed and store your presents at the same time. The kids will never suspect that your bed is hollow!

You could even be extremely naughty and get Ottoman beds for the kid’s own rooms too. They could be sleeping on their Christmas presents for months without having the slightest clue. You’ll be able to slip them out while they’re at school and get them wrapped ready for going under the tree.

If you’re still looking for other great ways to store your presents, here are some top tips:

  • Hide presents in places that your children are unlikely to look such as in suitcases, the loft or, if possible, at a friend or relative’s home.
  • Wrap your presents as soon as you buy them, that way if they are found the kids won’t know what they are.
  • Avoid the temptation to store your gifts in the hut or at work. Huts will only attract burglars to your home and is far from safe. Plus, storing at your work is dangerous as you don’t know who might have access to them nor will you be covered if they are stolen or damaged.