Decorating can be an odd concept. One day you love a room, but the next you could want to change everything about your bedroom.

But, the problem is, many of us are terrified about the idea of decorating, and instead just endure a room that they don’t truly love. Yet, decorating needn’t be such a scary prospect. Indeed, it’s entirely possible to transform your bedroom in just one weekend, and it doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive! Here are our top bedroom transformation tips:

Buy New Bed Sheets

The sheets that we choose for our beds can have a massive impact on the look and feel of our bedrooms. Whether it’s a bold, quirky print or a block colour, a new set of matching sheets and pillowcases can be bought for as little as £20, although you may want to indulge in a more expensive set of sheets with a higher thread count for added comfort.

Serene BedsTo really add a warm, winter feel to your room, focus on deep colours like orange, purple and reds. You could also add some new throws and cushions to your bed as an easy way to up the luxury factor in your bedroom. This is especially useful if you have white bed linen, as a block colour throw and matching cushions is an incredibly simple way to change the colours of your room.

Decorate One Wall

You don’t need to paint or wallpaper every wall in your bedroom in order to make a statement. Instead, opt for one wall and make it a feature wall. Painting or wallpapering just one wall won’t take you long, nor will it cost you too much. Especially, as being a small surface area, you should be able to pick up deals on batch-end wallpaper or paint specials.

To really make your bedroom look bold, opt for bright colours or unusual patterns for your wall. Or, alternatively, if you own a divan bed you might consider changing your headboard instead. These days headboards come in every colour, shape, size and material, and can be used as the focal point of your bedroom. If you love colour, try an upholstered headboard in your favourite colour – this way you won’t even need to get the paint brushes out!

Change Your Bed

Much like changing your headboard, a change of bed is another straightforward way to upgrade your room with minimal effort. Although a bed is a more expensive way to change your bedroom, a new bed is more than just a decoration upgrade, as a new bed can also help us sleep better.

Metal and wooden bed frames give a dramatic, and often romantic vibe to a bedroom. While a divan bed is perfect for a smaller room as it can give added storage, and when paired with the right headboard, can look incredible.

Choose Dramatic Accessories

 Adding shelves, a new ceiling lamp and even new ornaments can easily transform your room from drab to fab. If you have a fairly neutral room, accessories are the easiest way to add splashes of colour and even glamour to a bedroom.

Shelves will add height to a bedroom, and are a great place to store books, photographs and any other decorations you might have. Ceiling lamps can often be overlooked, but again these can seriously transform how a bedroom looks. For luxury think a dazzling chandelier, for drama look for bold chrome or pieces and look at paper shades if you would like to add colour.

How we decorate our bedrooms can be an extension of how well we sleep. Just think, if you don’t like a room, do you really want to spend every night in it? Of course not! But by spending a weekend or two transforming the space in which we sleep, you may just find that your sleep and mood benefit from it too.