The birds are singing, there’s lambs bouncing around a field and the days are getting longer – spring is definitely here! Which also means that it’s the season for spring cleaning.

Of course, when we put together our spring cleaning plans – such as cupboard clear-outs, decorating and perhaps some carpet cleaning –  there is a very important place that people often forget to clean. That’s right, your mattress!

How to Spring Clean Your MattressJust think, we spend around 8 hours every night in our beds where we shed skin, sweat and even transfer dirt onto our beds. True, our sheets get changed every week, but can you remember the last time you cleaned your mattress?

In the past, before most mattresses had a proper top and bottom, we would flip them twice a year, which was the perfect reminder to give them a clean at the same time. Yet, it’s vitally important that we do remember to give our mattresses a deep clean twice a year, even if we don’t have to flip them. Spending a third of our lives in our beds means that our mattresses, if left uncleaned, can become infested in things like dust mites that feed on our skin cells. These dust mites and their faeces then lead to irritation on our skin that disrupts our sleep.

But how do you clean your mattress effectively?

Well, as well as a twice yearly deep clean, you should aim to brush or hoover your mattress every month or so. Please check with the manufacturer as some recommend you don’t vacuum as it can disturb the fillings. When you’re changing your sheets, simply run the hoover attachment over the cover to remove any dust or dead skin from the surface. If you really want to freshen your mattress up, before you hoover, add some dry baking powder to the surface as this will lift out any odours. You could even add some lavender or citrus to this powder, as they will leave a nice smell. Leave the powder for 30 minutes to an hour and simply hoover off.

For a deeper clean, you should again start with hoovering your mattress. Make sure you get into all the crevices and edges as this is where dust and skin can easily gather.

At this point you should check your mattress for any stains or marks. These can be tackled by using an upholstery cleaner or an enzyme based cleaner. Simply spray on the stain and leave to soak for a while before rinsing with a damp cloth. If you are going for a deep clean, you could easily give the whole mattress a clean using a cleaning solution mixed into water. Just don’t make it too wet and remember to leave it until it’s completely dry before making your bed again.

Don’t be tempted to use something stronger like bleach though as, this is something you sleep on so it needs to be treated sensitively. Otherwise you might end up causing damage to both your skin and your mattress.

For extra freshness, once your mattress is near-dry, again add baking power (with or without an added fragrance) and leave for as much as 24 hours. This will really freshen it up and make it feel almost new again. Hoover the powder off to finish and add some new sheets – you’ll be desperate to climb into your fresh bed.

Of course, not all mattresses can be fixed with a simple clean. If you’re mattress has become old, or you notice bumps or tears during cleaning, then it’s time it was replaced with a new one.

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