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Big Brand Beds guide on how to sleep better. We all benefit from better quality sleep so read our top tips.

How to Sleep Better Beside Your Partner

Problems in the bedroom are one of the leading causes of arguments in a marriage – that is, if your partner’s sleeping habits keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. You’ll be left feeling grumpy and ready for an argument in the morning.

The problem is that we don’t really know what we do when we’re sleeping, which means we could be committing a host of sins without even realising it. Whether it be snoring, hogging the covers, talking in your sleep and even taking up more than your half of the bed – if you have bad sleeping habits then you will affect how well your partner sleeps during the night.

Couple sleepingWe all need 6-8 hours of good quality sleep every night. During this time your brain recalibrates itself and prepares itself for the next day, whether that’s to be ready for school, work or even looking after the kids. Without this sleep you will be left to wake up feeling groggy, annoyed and your brain will find it difficult to cope with the challenges that your day brings. It’s little wonder then that, after several days of bad night’s sleeping, that you start to feel resentful towards your partner.

So how do you fix some bad sleeping habits? Well first of all you need to find out what you’re guilty of. A great starting point is to actually sit down with your partner and discuss issues that you both have with each other during the night. From there you can both look at solutions to your sleeping habits – something that your marriage will more than thank you for. You might be surprised at just how easy you can both make changes to improve both your sleeping habits.

One of the most common issues reported by couples is snoring. It’s loud, annoying and really will make it harder for you partner to get to sleep. But as snoring is such a common problem, there are a lot of products on the market to help such as snoring pads and even Bluetooth USB devices that will gently wake you if you start to snore – over time this is thought to retrain you to not snore. Even something as simple as losing weight and avoiding alcohol can alleviate snoring.

When it comes to those of us that steal covers and hog the bed, again there are some very simple ways to improve your habits. For the starfishers amongst us, why not consider getting a bigger bed? In a small double you might annoy your partner, but in a king or even a super king bed you will easily be able to stretch out without annoying your partner. You could also consider getting a memory foam mattress as with the extra support it provides it makes the perfect mattress for couples. This is because a memory foam mattress absorbs movement, so if your partner likes to stretch you won’t be disturbed by it.

Again, the cover stealer also has a simple solution, much like the bed hog. All you need to do is buy a bigger quilt or some throws. There’s no reason why a double bed can’t have a king-sized quilt on it if it helps you both sleep better.

The main thing to keep in mind when sleeping beside someone is that you both want a good night’s sleep and that communication is key. After-all, the sleep conversation is something that will benefit you both. 

It might be that you need to discuss the merits of a new bed. After all, the basis of a good night’s sleep is down to the comfort of your bed. A comfortable bed will undoubtedly improve your sleep. Having the wrong bed will almost certainly cause disruption to your sleep. Likewise, an old sagging mattress will leave you waking with aches and pains.

But with such a wide range of beds and mattresses to choose from, where do you begin?

The following pointers should leave you in good stead for a bed buying trip.

1. Always spend as much as you can when buying a bed. Remember you spend an average of 7 hours a day using it. If you base this on a £1000 Hypnos bed that is guaranteed for 10 years, it works out at just 27p per night. You’d think nothing of spending that on a sofa that your guests would see, but when it comes to a bed that’s hidden anyway, some want to spend as little as possible.

2. We always urge our customers to try before they buy. If you are reasonably local to our showroom in Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AD, pay us a visit. It really will be worth your while. Ordering a mattress blind can be a very costly mistake. We can’t guarantee comfort, so do find somewhere to try before buying.

3. Comfort and support are critical. Make sure the new mattress conforms to your body’s contours. Manufacturers like Hypnos will make double and king size mattresses with dual tensions, ensuring the perfect support both people.

4. We call it Old Mother Hubbard syndrome. Don’t leave it until the cupboard is bare. The same applies to buying a new bed or mattress. Don’t leave it until your sleep is so disturbed that you are tearing your hair out. Tolerating a loose or squeaky spring is the wrong thing to do.

Armed with this information you should be ready to start your research. If you need any help, please call us on 01273 857388. We’ll be pleased to help you.

How to Sleep Better in Warm Weather

Unlike going on a wonderful beach holiday, where you spend your nights in a wonderfully cool, air-conditioned room, when it becomes too hot in Britain we find our sleep seriously suffering. So how do you ensure the best night’s sleep, even on a hot night? Here are 10 tips that will help you get the perfect night’s sleep, even when it’s sweltering outside:

1: Sleep in Cotton

It’s tempting when the heat hits to shed as many clothes as possible, however this can actually make you more warm during the night as sweat clings to your body. Instead opt for light cotton pyjamas in bed, which will let your skin breathe and absorb sweat.

2: Switch Off Plugs

We’re a nation of standby, may it be our televisions, chargers or consoles – we regularly just switch our devices off at a button rather than at the plug. When it’s warm, though, it’s important to switch our plugs off as these give out a surprising level of heat. You’ll even save yourself some money on your electricity bill!

3: Ditch Your Partner

It might sound brutal, but when it’s too hot, sometimes it’s just easier to sleep alone rather than being too hot together. Spend the night in separate beds, you’ll appreciate your decision when you both get a good sleep.

Stay cool4: Spray Your Sheets

You won’t sleep well on wet sheets, but a slight misting of cool water onto the sheets just before you get into bed can work wonders to keep you cool. You could even keep a spray bottle beside your bed if you wake in the night.

5: Avoid Alcohol

Sitting in the garden having a BBQ and a few drinks is the perfect way to spend a warm weekend, however, beware drinking too much alcohol before bed. Alcohol makes you dehydrated, as does heat, which makes for a nasty combination. Try to ensure that you’re drinking enough water as well any alcohol and keep an iced water bottle beside your bed.

6: Use a Fan

A fan blowing cool air in the room can really help you feel more comfortable. However, avoid pointing a fan towards yourself while you sleep as you may end up giving yourself a chill. Instead open a window and direct the fan perpendicular to it. This will create a nice cross breeze in your room.

7: Close Your Curtains

It might seem nice to open your curtains and let in the sunlight in the morning, but when it’s very warm, having this hot sunlight shining into your room all day will cause it to become very warm. Keep your curtains closed during the day and you will find your room is cool come bedtime.

8: Run Your Wrists Under Water

If you are feeling particularly hot and uncomfortable when it comes to night time, then one easy way to cool yourself down quickly is to run your wrists under cold water for a few minutes. This will cool your bloodstream and be carried across your body, cooling you down.

9: A Damp Sheet Over the Window

If you don’t have access to a fan (or dislike the noise), you can still create a similar coolness in your room by opening your windows and covering them with a damp sheet. As a breeze comes in, it will be cooled by the sheet and you will feel more comfortable.

10: Make a Cold-Water Bottle!

When we feel too chilly we fill a hot water bottle to warm us up, so it makes sense when we are too hot that we should do the opposite. Rather than water that melts though, a simple way to cool yourself is too fill socks with rice and put them in the freezer. Then put them over your wrists and ankles when you go to bed. 

Finally, consider a geltex or latex mattress. Latex is naturally breathable whilst geltex is a new generation open cell foam structure that keeps you cool. We have a great range from Dunlopillo and Silentnight mattresses on display in our showroom at Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 0AD.

How to Sleep Better in Winter

We might be tough and British, used to the cold weather, but come winter it can still be hard for even the toughest of us to get to sleep when it’s freezing outside. But how can you winter-proof your bedroom to ensure that even if its blowing a gale outside, you’ll be inside fast asleep?

Make Your Bed Warm and Inviting

One of the best ways to feel cosy this winter is by upgrading your bed accessories. A duvet with a higher tog value, heavy blankets and even extra pillows can all make your bed feel cosy and inviting. Layers here are key, as it means you can choose how many blankets you would like, depending on how cold it is that night.

Winter SnowOn particularly cold nights, consider using something like a hot water bottle or electric blanket to heat your bed up before you get in. After-all, there’s nothing worse than slipping than getting into a cold bed and shivering for 5 minutes while you heat up.

Try to Avoid Catching the Cold

It might be easier said than done – especially when colds spread so easily through schools and offices – but trying to avoid getting the cold is essential if you want to get a good sleep in winter. As stuffed noses, coughs and headaches can all make it hard for us to sleep at night.

One of the best ways to keep our immune systems fighting at their best is through better sleep, as we’re more susceptible to illness when we’re feeling tired. If you do catch a cold, ensure that rest is your top priority as this will help you get better quicker.

Ensure You Get Enough Daylight

Of course, we all know that to get to sleep at night we need darkness and should avoid the bright lights of technology. However, you might not realise that we also need a decent amount of daylight in order to get a good night’s sleep. During winter, though, not only are the days shorter, but there’s less sunlight around too so we are more dependent on artificial lighting.

We need daylight though to get a much-needed dose of vitamin D that helps boost our immune system. So even if it’s raining, try to sit by a window to get yourself some exposure to natural light and take a vitamin D supplement to help fight winter bugs.

Winter is also known to cause a drain in energy for people, who feel more tired and sluggish due to a lack of sunlight. Known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, if you feel the winter blues, again try to go outside for a 10-15 minute walk a day and you should feel less sluggish after a few days.

Drink a Warm Beverage Before Bed

If you are particularly susceptible to the cold, then drinking something warm before bed can be the perfect way to raise your core temperature before getting into bed. Avoiding anything with caffeine, hot tea, hot chocolate and warm water with lemon can all help

You can also help warm up by having a warm bath or shower around an hour before bed. Wearing layers to bed can help too, as heat will get trapped between layers leaving you feeling warmer during the night.

How to Sleep Better in Your Holiday Bed

There’s nothing quite like going on holiday. You pack your bags, grab your passport and leave all those adult responsibilities and stresses at home – plus you get one of those lovely tans that’s so hard to find in the UK. However, not everything about your summer holiday is amazing. That’s because a lot of us find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep when we’re on holiday, which is far from ideal when you want to have the energy to explore new cities.

So what can you do to ensure you get that good night’s sleep? Here are our top tips for the perfect night’s slumber while on holiday:

Holiday.jpg1: Get Some Fresh Air

Hotel rooms especially can be become very stuffy and uncomfortable easily, making them hard to sleep in. If you can try to open your bedroom windows to let some fresh air in your room. However, if you are staying in a noisy city or are in a room where the windows won’t open then all is not lost. Yes, the air-conditioning will dry out your room, but if you run a hot, steamy shower and leave the bathroom door open then this will return some of the moisture to the air and make your room much more comfortable.

2: Mattress Woes

We all like a different type of mattress to help us get that good night’s sleep, but you can’t exactly take your lovely mattress from home on holiday with you, which means you’re left to sleep on whatever is in the hotel room. But all is not lost! If you prefer a firmer mattress then order a room with a queen or double bed as smaller mattresses tend to be firmer, while a king is more likely to be softer. You can also phone or email your hotel in advance to ask about their mattress types – they might be able to book you into a room that has a mattress type that you sleep best on.

3: Noisy Neighbours

The walls in hotel rooms can be thin, meaning that if you have a noisy neighbour or are in a busy city then getting to sleep can be an issue. Combat this by booking a room on a corner or on a higher floor as this should be less noisy. You should also bring ear plugs with you or ear phones that you can play white noise into.

4: Don’t Overdo it!

It’s your holidays so of course you’re going to overindulge in food and alcohol, but this can cause havoc with your sleep. To help your sleep pattern out try to avoid both food and alcohol around two hours before you plan to go to bed as this will let your body digest and let you sleep better.

5: Keep Your Sleep Routine

If you have a specific before-bed routine at home, then you should try your best to keep this routine while on holiday too. This could be some gentle yoga or exercise, a long, hot bath or reading a good book – all of these will help relax both your body and mind making it easier for you to drift off to sleep.

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How to Get a Better Sleep After 40

As we get older, a good night’s sleep becomes more and more elusive. Whether it’s a case of not being able to sleep or waking up during the night, our sleep can sometimes feel like more of a chore than a way to relax and get some rest.

Yet the older we are, the more important it is that we get an adequate amount of sleep every night. Sleep is by far the easiest and most effective way to keep our bodies and mind healthy and happy. This includes healing injuries, rejuvenating cells and letting our minds commit our days to memory.

However, if we don’t get enough sleep at night, our body will start to prioritise the functions it performs as we sleep. Unfortunately, one of the first functions that the body will stop doing is to stop producing the levels of collagen that we need to keep our skin looking young and fresh. Which leads to premature ageing.

Silentnight MattressesThis is particularly predominant in woman, where it’s thought that – according the National Sleep Foundation – that woman who are aged between 30 and 60 slept for just over 6 and a half hours a night on average. Yet it’s though that we need around 7-8 hours to feel properly rested. And, of course, no woman wants to gain wrinkles and look older than they actually are.

So, what can you do? Well bar investing in the most expensive of skin treatments, here are some simple ways that you can improve your sleep:

Tackle Anxiety

One of the most common reason for over 40s developing sleeping issues, such as insomnia, is due to anxiety. But fixing our anxieties is far easier said than done, as anxiety can stem from so many areas in our life such as work stresses, family worries and, on occasion, we are simply just worried.

Tackling anxiety can be undertook in a number of ways. Firstly, try to write down everything that is worrying you and from that try to look at solutions to help ease these worries. If this doesn’t work, you may want to look at visiting your local GP to look for alternative methods, such as therapy.

You should also try to participate in good sleep hygiene. This includes taking away anything that causes you stress – such as work phone, social media and upsetting TV shows – at least an hour before bed and instead focus on relaxing activities to help get you to sleep easier.

Look at Your Mattress

Many of us don’t realise that our sleeping woes might be down to our mattress rather than our bodies or a sleeping condition. If you’re struggling to sleep at night, or wake feeling sleepy, then the first thing you should do is look at your mattress for age and damage.

A mattress that has signs of wearing or that is older than 8 years, should be replaced immediately. Try to find a mattress that suits your body by researching the varied materials and firmness on offer. A good quality mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep.

Go to Your GP

Your sleep issues might be more than just a bad mattress. If you find that you are having poor sleep and/or other sleeping issues like snoring, then you should seriously consider visiting your GP. You might find that you are suffering from a condition such as sleep apnoea.

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep at a Music Festival

It might not seem like the top priority for a music festival – especially for our kids – but getting a good night’s sleep over the festival weekend can actually help you enjoy the experience more! But how exactly can you achieve this in the middle of a field surrounded by party goers and worse, the unpredictable British weather?

After-all, it’s cold at night, can be boiling in the morning and tents are claustrophobic and stuffy. Plus if you’re unlucky enough to need a trip to the toilet in the middle of the night… well it’s enough to put you off your sleep. It can even be enough to put you off going to any music festivals at all, if it weren’t for the amazing music that is.

Getting a good night’s sleep at a music festival might seem impossible, but with a few simple tricks getting some good, quality sleep doesn’t have to be too difficult. So we’ve put together our top tips to help you get your festival beauty sleep. Follow these and you might just find your sleep at festivals is almost as good as if you were at home:

Festival-Sleep-Tips-4001: Pack Smartly

To get to sleep you need three things – comfort, warmth and quiet. The only way you’ll get this is through some clever packing. Ideally, bring a comfortable pillow use. If you can’t afford the space for a pillow then bring an empty pillowcase that you can put some clothes in for a makeshift pillow. Other packing essentials should be earplugs and warm clothes like a woolly hat or socks to keep you cosy. It’s also a good idea to take different clothes to wear at night. Of course, you might not want to take your favourite unicorn pyjamas, but by having separate clothes to sleep in, it will help you feel more settled and get you to sleep.

2: Watch What You’re Drinking

Too much liquid before bed means you’ll want to go to the toilet during the night. Instead try to stop drinking at least one hour before bed and nip to the loo before you get into your tent. After-all, there’s nothing worse than waking up on a campsite at 3am with your bladder screaming.

3: Share Your Tent

The thought of sharing a tent might be off-putting – especially if you like your own space – but actually, sharing a tent will help you sleep much better than if you were alone. That’s because not only will you both be warmer, but you’ll both also feel safer in a group if there’s any noise or disturbances outside your tent.

4: Choose Your Tent Spot Wisely

Where you pitch your tent will have a drastic effect on how well you sleep. Sure, a tent near the festival entrance means a short walk home, but it will also be the nosiest area in the site! Instead opt for pitching your tent away from entrances or toilets and, if you can, opt for a hill or shaded position.

5: Have Fun!

The more fun and energy you expel during the day means the more tired and likely you are to sleep at night. So jump, sing and dance your heart out – your body will thank you for it later!

How to Get the Kids to Sleep When its Light Outside

Spring and summer are wonderful seasons – especially when you have kids. Instead of rainy days stuck inside the house wondering what to do, the nicer weather means it’s far easier for you all to go out on walks or visit the park.

childIt’s also easier to arrange day trips to places like farm parks or the beach when the weather is on your side. Plus, spring and summer are incredibly pretty. There’s lots of new leaves, flowers and animal activity – all keeping your children feeling happier and carefree.

However, with spring and summer also comes the longer days where the light can last past 10pm at night. Long after your child’s bedtime! Which, of course, is great when it comes to the afternoon school run, which can be miserable in winter when the darkness is already spreading over. Unfortunately, though, the light nights also make it incredibly hard to get your child to bed. Many simply don’t understand why it’s bedtime when the sun is still shining outside. Plus, the mornings are lighter much earlier in the day so your child can, as well as wanting to stay up late, also wake up much earlier. This potentially means that both you and they suffer from some interrupted sleep.

There’s no need to suffer through these summer months, though, with just a few changes you can keep your child in their routine and ensure they get enough sleep-in order to grow and develop properly at night.

Blackout Blinds & Curtains

First off, it’s incredibly important to invest in some blackout curtains or blinds for your child’s bedroom. This will shut out the light both at night and in the mornings. A dark room is far easier to get to sleep in than one flooded with light. You should also aim to close blinds and dim lights around the rest of your rooms around one or two hours before their bedtime. Not only will this cause the body’s natural release of melatonin to start getting released to prepare the body for sleep, but if done gradually it will also fool your child into thinking it’s actually getting dark outside too so they will be in the right mindset for sleeping.

Keep the Routine

If your child isn’t to be fooled, particularly when they get to the age where they love playing outside, the key is to keep strong and don’t break routine. True, that extra half hour playing outside on their bike might seem harmless, but you have to keep in mind that children expel much more energy in summer compared with winter. Instead of being inside on a rainy day reading books or watching television, they are now outside running around. So, sleep is even more important in the summer months.

Instead, strictly stick to your child’s routine whether that’s a warm bath, milk before bed or a bedtime story. You can also spray some essential oils like lavender around their bedroom, as this promotes calmness and can make it easier for them to get to sleep. Even better, make it into a monster or bad dream spray and let them spray it themselves.

It might seem excessive to keep your children away from sunny nights – especially when Britain has so few – but there is nothing more demanding (or grumpy!) than an overtired child. You’ll thank yourself for sticking to their routine.

If you’re looking to upgrade your child’s mattress or bed, here are some of our favourite brands below:

We have a huge range of single beds and single mattresses from all the leading suppliers. For an older child that wants a bit of luxury look no further than a Hypnos or Relyon pocket sprung single bed. They’re all hand made to order and will give an exquisite night’s sleep. Most kids absolutely love the Hypnos Alto Pillow Top bed. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Although it’s not a cheap bed, the comfort, quality and 10-year guarantee make it a wonderful investment.

For younger children, we’ve got a great selection of bunk beds, cabin beds and bed frames. Birlea, Julian Bowen and Serene are all well worth a look and won’t break the bank.

With a new comfy bed, your kids are sure to get to sleep when it’s light outside.

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How to Ensure You Get a Good Sleep before Christmas Day

When it comes to Christmas Eve, we tend to get hung up on ensuring the kids get an amazing night’s sleep in time for Santa visiting. But what about yourself? It’s just as essential to ensure you get enough good quality sleep the night before the big day – otherwise you might just find yourself falling asleep in that fabulous Christmas dinner you prepared from scratch!

Of course, getting to sleep isn’t as simple as it sounds on Christmas Eve. Not only is this, potentially, one of the most stressful nights of the year, it’s also one of the most exciting. After-all, most of us are just big kids at heart!

SantaExcitement is one thing, but you can help yourself sleep on Christmas Eve by reducing your stress. Which is actually easier than it sounds! All you need to do is get yourself prepared!

Well before Christmas Eve you should have in place a present plan. Starting to wrap and build toys etc. on the night before Christmas is far too demanding and stressful – you’ll never get to sleep with all those stress hormones running through your system. Instead try to wrap well in advance. Perhaps you don’t have the time to wrap everything in one go, in that case wrap just a few presents a night. You’ll soon find that they’re wrapped before you know it. Plus, you don’t need to put these under the tree if you want to hide them from the kids. If you don’t have any good hiding places in the house considering taking them to a family or friend’s house to hide. You could even consider taking some into the office. Collecting your presents on Christmas Eve is far easier than wrapping them all from scratch.

The same preparation should be put into your Christmas dinner too; you might be surprised at actually how much of Christmas dinner can be cooked well in advance – in some cases even a month before the big day. Look online for Christmas guides from the likes of Jamie Oliver and Mary Berry. This will leave both your Christmas Eve and Day with lots more time away from the stove. More importantly, you won’t spend the night stressing about your massive to do list for the next day.

Once you have your stress under control, it’s time to think of tricks to ensure that good sleep. One simple way to get you off to sleep quicker is to make sure you’re tired by the time your head hits the pillow.

Start the day by setting your alarm an hour or so earlier than you would on a normal day. Not only will this mean you’re sleepier come bedtime, it will also give you more time in the day to get everything ready for tomorrow. Try to tire yourself out over the day by going for a nice long walk or perhaps visiting the gym (although check opening times before you make the trip).

About an hour before bed you should try to wind down and relax – a nice big glass of red wine might help but remember that too much alcohol will keep you awake, not to mention hungover for the next day. Preferably go for a nice hot festive chocolate or egg nog.

Match that with a relaxing hot bath, a nice festive book and you’ll be off to sleep in no time. Just imagine how well-rested you’ll feel when you get woken up at 5am to open presents!

This is all well and good if you’ve got a nice comfortable bed. But, believe me, not everyone has. An uncomfortable mattress will certainly hinder your ability to get sleep on a normal night, let alone Christmas Eve when your mind is buzzing. But what can you do about it? Get yourself a new bed in our Winter Sale which starts online on Boxing Day. Our showroom at Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AD opens at 10.00am on Wednesday 27th December.

Bed Sale Starts Boxing Day

We have some great savings on all the leading brands including Dunlopillo, Hypnos, Jay-Be, Myers, Relyon, Sealy, Serene, Slumberland and Silentnight. A visit to our showroom will certainly be worth your while. We have an expert team waiting to help you through this most important purchase.

Divan beds, bed frames, guest beds, trundle beds, folding beds, we’ve got the bed for you. There’s also a great choice of mattresses and headboards. Don’t forget the headboard. This finishing touch can create a stunning focal point in a bedroom. If you don’t fancy an upholstered headboard that matches the divan base, you might like a wooden or metal one. We’ve got a huge selection of strutted and floor standing headboards available is a wide variety of fabrics and colours.

Great Savings are available from Boxing Day. If you can’t make it to our showroom, do give us a ring on 01273 857388 and we’ll be happy to help you.

In the meantime, the team at Big Brand Beds wish all our customers a very Happy Christmas.

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