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There’s nothing quite like going on holiday. You pack your bags, grab your passport and leave all those adult responsibilities and stresses at home – plus you get one of those lovely tans that’s so hard to find in the UK. However, not everything about your summer holiday is amazing. That’s because a lot of us find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep when we’re on holiday, which is far from ideal when you want to have the energy to explore new cities.

So what can you do to ensure you get that good night’s sleep? Here are our top tips for the perfect night’s slumber while on holiday:

Holiday.jpg1: Get Some Fresh Air

Hotel rooms especially can be become very stuffy and uncomfortable easily, making them hard to sleep in. If you can try to open your bedroom windows to let some fresh air in your room. However, if you are staying in a noisy city or are in a room where the windows won’t open then all is not lost. Yes, the air-conditioning will dry out your room, but if you run a hot, steamy shower and leave the bathroom door open then this will return some of the moisture to the air and make your room much more comfortable.

2: Mattress Woes

We all like a different type of mattress to help us get that good night’s sleep, but you can’t exactly take your lovely mattress from home on holiday with you, which means you’re left to sleep on whatever is in the hotel room. But all is not lost! If you prefer a firmer mattress then order a room with a queen or double bed as smaller mattresses tend to be firmer, while a king is more likely to be softer. You can also phone or email your hotel in advance to ask about their mattress types – they might be able to book you into a room that has a mattress type that you sleep best on.

3: Noisy Neighbours

The walls in hotel rooms can be thin, meaning that if you have a noisy neighbour or are in a busy city then getting to sleep can be an issue. Combat this by booking a room on a corner or on a higher floor as this should be less noisy. You should also bring ear plugs with you or ear phones that you can play white noise into.

4: Don’t Overdo it!

It’s your holidays so of course you’re going to overindulge in food and alcohol, but this can cause havoc with your sleep. To help your sleep pattern out try to avoid both food and alcohol around two hours before you plan to go to bed as this will let your body digest and let you sleep better.

5: Keep Your Sleep Routine

If you have a specific before-bed routine at home, then you should try your best to keep this routine while on holiday too. This could be some gentle yoga or exercise, a long, hot bath or reading a good book – all of these will help relax both your body and mind making it easier for you to drift off to sleep.

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