Some of our best memories as children, is when our best friends stayed over at our homes. Staying up late, watching horror films we shouldn’t have and eating our weights in chocolates and crisps, it was the best of times. So, now that we have our own children, we want to make sure they have just as an amazing time as we did. The only problem is, that as the years have passed, it seems our homes have seriously shrunk, with new builds having less and less extra space.

So how do you accommodate your child wanting to have a friend or two stay, without feeling like their sardines stuffed into a tin? Well, with a few clever bedroom choices, it’s actually far easier than you might think to make your child’s bedroom into a sleepover paradise.

How to Make Your Kid's Bedroom Sleepover FriendlyThe most important choice in creating a sleepover-friendly space is the bed. The key here is to get the right mix of having a choice for extra beds, but without using up all your space. Especially when that space is needed for things like toys. Many children’s beds come as bunk beds, which is a really optimal way to gain an extra bed without losing space – the beds really just float above each other. Plus, many children find bunk beds very exciting to sleep on, particularly on the top bunk. However, some children can be put off by the idea of climbing a ladder, and you might not like the idea of an accident-prone friend coming to stay and falling off!

Folding beds can be another simple option to have a spare bed for sleepovers, but again without giving up extra space. These come in all types, including divans and frames so you get a lot of choice. Then simply slide out the spare bed whenever anyone is sleeping over. This can also be useful if you have some grown-up guests too!

If you don’t really like the idea of a spare bed, but do want the space for your child’s friends you could add something like a bunk bed with free space underneath. Here you can add in something like a chair bed, that can be used as a sofa type for most of the time, but with some pillows and blankets, turned into a bed occasionally. You’ll probably find that the unusual nature of the bed means it will be incredibly popular.

Blow up mattresses are also a great option. Simple and easy to inflate, these can be stored elsewhere when not in use. You could even up the fun here by erecting a tent in the bedroom (or living room if more space is needed) and put the blow-up mattress inside to create a camping experience for them. Give them some torches and make s’mores for a truly memorable sleepover. You might even consider converting your loft into a sort of den for the kids, if you have one. This can be a great place for them to play, while also being out of your hair.

Just be careful that you don’t make your home too sleepover friendly though, or you might just find everyone wants to stay!