Not all of us live in houses with massive bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your bedroom look bigger than it actually is. There are many very simple tricks that will fool the eye into thinking a space is larger than reality:

1: Choose Light Colours for Floors and Ceilings

Deep colours like red and purple might be pretty to look at, but they will make a room look smaller than it is. This is something you certainly don’t want if your room is already small. Instead opt for light colours or white for the walls and a light flooring as light colours will open up a room.

2: Paint or Wallpaper the Ceiling

Now painting a design on your ceiling or putting wallpaper there might sound completely bizarre but it’s a simple way to make a room look bigger. That’s because anything that draws a person’s eyes to the ceiling will make trick your brain into thinking a room is larger.

3: …Or Use Shelves

If wallpaper on the ceiling is a step too far, there is another way to draw people’s eyes to the ceiling. Putting shelves just below your ceiling is perfect for drawing eyes AND gaining extra storage. This trick is particularly good for books and/or DVDs.

How-To-Make-Your-Bedroom-Look-Bigger4: Be Careful What Bed You Choose

A super king size wooden frame will look amazing in the store but try to imagine it in your bedroom. A small bedroom will be swamped by a massive bed and you’ll leave yourself with no room for any other furniture. A divan bed is a great choice for a smaller room as it will take up less space. You can still add the glamour of a wooden frame with a headboard.

5: Use Mirrors

Mirrors are amazing at making a room seem larger than it is. For a bedroom think mirrored wardrobes or mirrors above dressing tables. Our Birlea bedroom furniture has a great selection of mirrored robes.

6: It’s All about Coherence

Using lots of different colours in a room can make it look cluttered and small. Instead choose different shades of the same colour for accessories, curtains, throws and cushions. This visual coherence opens up a room and makes it feel much roomier.

7. Stripes Work Too

Elongated striped down a room, such as on a rug or bed sheets, is a really good method of making a room seem longer. Much like using mirrors, stripes create an optical illusion that will make the room look longer than it is.

8: Try to Avoid Curtains

Curtains not only take up space but they also block off your windows, which let in light and the feeling of space into your bedroom. But we’re not saying you shouldn’t have anything to close off your windows – instead consider shutters or blinds. These will still save your modesty while still giving a more spacious feel to your bedroom.

9. Be Clever With Storage

A cluttered room will look even smaller, however that doesn’t mean that you should throw out all your belongings. You can be savvy with your storage though. Try to combine furniture with storage. For instance, a storage ottoman bed or one at the foot of your bed or under the window is a great place to store shoes, but by putting a few cushions on it you can also use it as a spare seat. Remember, if you have followed our advice above about divan beds, they all come with storage options – drawers and ottoman bases give valuable under bed storage space.

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