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Spring and summer are wonderful seasons – especially when you have kids. Instead of rainy days stuck inside the house wondering what to do, the nicer weather means it’s far easier for you all to go out on walks or visit the park.

childIt’s also easier to arrange day trips to places like farm parks or the beach when the weather is on your side. Plus, spring and summer are incredibly pretty. There’s lots of new leaves, flowers and animal activity – all keeping your children feeling happier and carefree.

However, with spring and summer also comes the longer days where the light can last past 10pm at night. Long after your child’s bedtime! Which, of course, is great when it comes to the afternoon school run, which can be miserable in winter when the darkness is already spreading over. Unfortunately, though, the light nights also make it incredibly hard to get your child to bed. Many simply don’t understand why it’s bedtime when the sun is still shining outside. Plus, the mornings are lighter much earlier in the day so your child can, as well as wanting to stay up late, also wake up much earlier. This potentially means that both you and they suffer from some interrupted sleep.

There’s no need to suffer through these summer months, though, with just a few changes you can keep your child in their routine and ensure they get enough sleep-in order to grow and develop properly at night.

Blackout Blinds & Curtains

First off, it’s incredibly important to invest in some blackout curtains or blinds for your child’s bedroom. This will shut out the light both at night and in the mornings. A dark room is far easier to get to sleep in than one flooded with light. You should also aim to close blinds and dim lights around the rest of your rooms around one or two hours before their bedtime. Not only will this cause the body’s natural release of melatonin to start getting released to prepare the body for sleep, but if done gradually it will also fool your child into thinking it’s actually getting dark outside too so they will be in the right mindset for sleeping.

Keep the Routine

If your child isn’t to be fooled, particularly when they get to the age where they love playing outside, the key is to keep strong and don’t break routine. True, that extra half hour playing outside on their bike might seem harmless, but you have to keep in mind that children expel much more energy in summer compared with winter. Instead of being inside on a rainy day reading books or watching television, they are now outside running around. So, sleep is even more important in the summer months.

Instead, strictly stick to your child’s routine whether that’s a warm bath, milk before bed or a bedtime story. You can also spray some essential oils like lavender around their bedroom, as this promotes calmness and can make it easier for them to get to sleep. Even better, make it into a monster or bad dream spray and let them spray it themselves.

It might seem excessive to keep your children away from sunny nights – especially when Britain has so few – but there is nothing more demanding (or grumpy!) than an overtired child. You’ll thank yourself for sticking to their routine.

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With a new comfy bed, your kids are sure to get to sleep when it’s light outside.

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