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It might not seem like the top priority for a music festival – especially for our kids – but getting a good night’s sleep over the festival weekend can actually help you enjoy the experience more! But how exactly can you achieve this in the middle of a field surrounded by party goers and worse, the unpredictable British weather?

After-all, it’s cold at night, can be boiling in the morning and tents are claustrophobic and stuffy. Plus if you’re unlucky enough to need a trip to the toilet in the middle of the night… well it’s enough to put you off your sleep. It can even be enough to put you off going to any music festivals at all, if it weren’t for the amazing music that is.

Getting a good night’s sleep at a music festival might seem impossible, but with a few simple tricks getting some good, quality sleep doesn’t have to be too difficult. So we’ve put together our top tips to help you get your festival beauty sleep. Follow these and you might just find your sleep at festivals is almost as good as if you were at home:

Festival-Sleep-Tips-4001: Pack Smartly

To get to sleep you need three things – comfort, warmth and quiet. The only way you’ll get this is through some clever packing. Ideally, bring a comfortable pillow use. If you can’t afford the space for a pillow then bring an empty pillowcase that you can put some clothes in for a makeshift pillow. Other packing essentials should be earplugs and warm clothes like a woolly hat or socks to keep you cosy. It’s also a good idea to take different clothes to wear at night. Of course, you might not want to take your favourite unicorn pyjamas, but by having separate clothes to sleep in, it will help you feel more settled and get you to sleep.

2: Watch What You’re Drinking

Too much liquid before bed means you’ll want to go to the toilet during the night. Instead try to stop drinking at least one hour before bed and nip to the loo before you get into your tent. After-all, there’s nothing worse than waking up on a campsite at 3am with your bladder screaming.

3: Share Your Tent

The thought of sharing a tent might be off-putting – especially if you like your own space – but actually, sharing a tent will help you sleep much better than if you were alone. That’s because not only will you both be warmer, but you’ll both also feel safer in a group if there’s any noise or disturbances outside your tent.

4: Choose Your Tent Spot Wisely

Where you pitch your tent will have a drastic effect on how well you sleep. Sure, a tent near the festival entrance means a short walk home, but it will also be the nosiest area in the site! Instead opt for pitching your tent away from entrances or toilets and, if you can, opt for a hill or shaded position.

5: Have Fun!

The more fun and energy you expel during the day means the more tired and likely you are to sleep at night. So jump, sing and dance your heart out – your body will thank you for it later!