It doesn’t matter if it’s just a friend crashing at your house or visiting family you want to impress – having a lovely guest space is important for our homes. But, when you don’t have a lot of spare space in your home, it can seem like an impossible idea. Indeed, many of us will give up our own beds and opt for the sofa when guests visit.

However, this isn’t always the best idea for everyone involved. Guests can feel awkward at staying in your bedroom and you’ll have to make sure you get everything you need out of your bedroom or risk disturbing their sleep.

Hypnos BedsYet, this need not be the case if you’re clever with the space you have. Here are our top tips for creating a guest bedroom with limited space:

Sofa Bed

By far the easiest way to make a guest room is by utilising a sofa bed – a couch that converts into a double bed for your guests. The main advantage of a sofa bed is that, during the majority of the time when you don’t have guests, it’s simply a sofa in your living room so it takes up no additional space. Then when guests arrive you just pull the bed out at night. Unfortunately, this can be hard for your guest’s privacy, especially if you have kids that want to get up early in the morning to watch cartoons. If you can, add a curtain or a room separator to create some more privacy as your guests probably don’t want to be seen in their pyjamas.

Pull Out Bed

If you have a spare room that’s too small for a double bed such as a box room or study, it is still possible to use this space as the occasional guest room if you invest in a bed or day bed with a pull-out bed underneath. It might not be a luxury double bed; however, these pull-out beds are highly comfortable and have their own mattresses. So, it will feel far more like their bed at home. Plus, it will be far more private than having your guests camp in the living room meaning everyone will be far happier.

Even better, pull out beds don’t need to look cheap or unsightly, day beds with a pull-out bottom can look very smart in a room and if you add cushions can also double as seating during the day. These types of beds are particularly good for when your child has friends over for sleepovers.

Ottoman Bed

If you have a spare room, albeit a small one, an Ottoman bed could be a simple way to make the most of the space there. By being a storage bed, you can store towels/sheets etc. that you would otherwise store in furniture. This means you can use the entire space for the bed rather than bulky chests of drawers or wardrobes.

Regardless of the bed you choose or the space you have, it’s important that you make your guest space as inviting and as comfortable as possible. Add comfortable throws, cushions and soft lighting to make your space cosy. If you need to use a living room space try to remove kids toys and other non-bedroom items as much as possible to make it feel as much like a sleeping space as possible as well as making it as private as you can.