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Jual-Logo-NewOkay, so you’ve bought that fabulous 55inch 4K ultra HD television, but where are you going to put it? It’s far too beautiful to be plopped on that old, dusty TV stand that your old stand sat on. No, you’re going to need an awesome new TV stand to match your television. But where do you start on your hunt for the perfect TV stand? Here are our top tips:

Decide where your TV is going

Well, first off, you’re going to have to decide where your television is going as the position will determine what kind of stand you can have. For a corner television you’re going to need a specialised stand that will curve. Our Jual Curve Oak JF209 Cantilever (pictured) is a great choice for a corner television. It even comes with brackets to attach your television to for extra safety and is available in walnut, oak and black.

If you plan on putting your television against a wall then you can afford to choose a slightly bigger stand with more storage. You should keep in mind that you if you have a small room you shouldn’t choose too large a TV stand as it will overtake your room.

Jual-JF209-Curve-Cantilever-TV-Stand-blog-698Determine your storage needs

Your storage requirements will be dependent on what other gadgets you use with your television. If you like to have a Blu-ray player, various consoles and surround sound then you’re going to need a lot more storage than someone who just wants their Sky Box beside their television.

If you fall into the latter category then the Jual Curve Black JF209 Cantilever TV stand is not only modern and stylish but it has enough storage to keep your room looking minimalistic. For those who need a little more storage then the Jual Curve Walnut JF203-1100 TV stand has plenty of room for all your gadgets.

Know what you want from your TV stand

It’s important to know what you want from a TV stand before you buy one. Perhaps you want a television stand that will hide your TV when it’s not in use, or you might be the opposite! Maybe you want to make your television the centre point of your room. Either way you should list all the features that you would like in your television stand before you start shopping – you’ll find your perfect stand much easier.  Always remember to measure what size you need your stand to be. You’ll be terribly disappointed if you find the stand of your dreams only to find out it’s too small/big for your room or television.

Match your TV stand to your décor

These days it’s so much easier to choose one that will fit in with your other furniture. In fact, you can easily get furniture sets that include a TV stand. Indeed, the Jual furniture collections all include a TV stand with matching furniture. You can choose from gorgeous oak, walnut or a more modern black. Either way, long gone are the days of ugly TV stands