Choosing a new bed can be exhausting – so much so that you can’t wait to crawl into your gorgeous new bed for a good old nap! Indeed, we put a lot of effort into picking the perfect mattress and a beautiful bed frame, but what about the headboard?

People often forget just how important a headboard can be, not just for the look and design of your room but also for the overall comfort of your bed. After-all, a headboard shouldn’t be thought of as just the finishing touch to your bed. This headboard will be the focal point of your bedroom so you need to choose wisely.

There are numerous types of headboard on the market meaning there will always be a headboard available to fit your individual style. Remember, each type of headboard has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re looking for in a headboard. All you need to do is choose a headboard that suits your personality.


Leather headboards are the height of fashion – especially if you own a divan bed. As well as your typical brown and black leather, there are now numerous colours of leather headboards on the market. Why not go mad with a bright colour and really alter the style of your bedroom?

Leather headboards are comfy to lean on, so if you like to read or watch television in your bed then you can lean comfortably against them. Leather is also cold to touch so it’s very advantageous in summer. In winter you might want to add extra cushions or pillows to avoid the chilly touch.


Fabric headboards are a timeless classic. Now don’t be alarmed, we don’t mean you should buy a floral headboard straight out of the seventies. But a high-quality Stuart Jones fabric headboard can be a gorgeous addition to your room.

Upholstered headboards come in a variety of fabrics and colours, this means that you can match your bed to your décor very easily. These headboards tend to look and feel very luxurious and glamorous – perfect for finishing your boudoir.

Again if you like to read in bed, an upholstered headboard will provide a great support with the added bonus of no cold touch compared to leather.


If you want to add a touch of gothic or fairy tale glamour to your bedroom then metal should be your headboard of choice. Unlike upholstered or leather headboards, which tend to be a simple, flat design, you can have a much more ornate and unusual design on your headboard.

You might also be surprised as the amount of colour choices that are available for a metal bed. Black and white tends to be the most popular but you should also consider more copper looks for a sophisticated design.

Keep in mind though that a metal headboard will not only be cold to touch but also very uncomfortable to lean on – you’ll definitely need some extra pillows.


Stuart-Jones-belmont-beech-headboard-400A wooden headboard is a smart choice for any individuals who like to decorate their bedroom on a regular basis. Wood tends to match in with any décor so all you need to do is change your bedroom walls and your bed will still look fabulous.

Wood also gives a very elegant and romantic feel to a bedroom. You don’t need a four poster bed to make your bedroom feel like a page in a Jane Austen novel, a wooden headboard will give exactly the same vibe.

Wooden headboards are available in a variety of woods, colours and foil finishes – you can also get some beautifully ornate carvings into these headboards. Just check out the Stuart Jones range

But, like metal headboards, these wooden headboards will be cold and sore to lean on so again get in some extra pillows. We recommend the ultimate in luxury – Die Zudecke Canadian white snow goose down pillows