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It might seem like only yesterday that you were changing nappies and now your children are off to secondary school like mini-adults. That’s because, the truth is, our kids seem to grow up at an alarming rate and with this super-aging comes a one big problem – they’re always changing their minds!

One minute it might be Thomas the Tank Engine or Peppa Pig and what seems like just a few weeks later only Elsa or Batman will do. True, it’s lovely to see them form their own interests but it can wreak havoc on your bank account changing bedroom decorations with every new obsession. So how can you keep the costs down while still giving your children the perfect bedroom? Here are our top 5 tips on how to age-proof your kid’s bedroom:

Birlea-Paddington-White-&-Pink-Cabin-Bed-4001: Think Carefully About the Bed You Choose

When your child is very young they will need a crib, but when you no longer need a crib it’s important to choose a bed that will last your child as long as possible. One perfect bed for this is a bunk bed. Bunk beds are incredibly diverse, when they’re young you can have two beds to make sleepovers easy and fun. Then, when they’re older, consider having a workspace underneath the bed for homework space or games consoles as they will help utilise space in the bedroom. The Birlea Paddington cabin bed is a great inexpensive option and comes in 3 trendy colours.

2: Never Commit to a Theme

It might seem like a great idea to entirely decorate your kid’s bedroom to their favourite film or TV show, however, kids are incredibly fickle so the character they might have loved last month could be old news now. Instead paint your child’s bedroom a neutral colour and use posters or artwork to convey a theme. Posters can be easily ripped so it would make sense to invest in some frames for these. When your child wants a new poster it will be easy to just swap out the poster in the frame.

3: Pick a Child-Friendly Wardrobe

Teaching your children from a young age how to put away their clothes into their wardrobe will help them immensely in later life, but you can’t expect a 5 year-old to hang up their clothes in a regular wardrobe. Instead invest in a child-friendly robe which has low-hanging railing and clever storage that allows your child to put away all their clothes and develop their own skills in independence.

4: Avoid Carpets

Carpets might look nice and cosy, but when it comes to children they should be considered a complete no-no. Kids are messy – whether it’s glue, pen or juice, stains will always end up on a carpet. Then there’s the facts kids get sick well before that running to the bathroom instinct kicks in. Cleaning a wooden floor is going to much easier than any carpet. Plus you can add inexpensive rugs to the room to create a cosier look.

5: Get Some Storage

From the moment they’re born, your children will start getting lots of presents, which means you need to think of an effective storage system to ensure that your child’s bedroom doesn’t become overrun with toys. What storage solution you need will completely depend on your needs, however, some good storage solutions include toy boxes, under bed storage and hanging storage. The more fun you make your storage the more likely that your child will want to use it.