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Dunlopillo, Myers, Slumberland and Staples beds will now benefit from improvements across all ranges.

The divan bases have been strengthened and upgraded to add in additional struts to support the cross members. This gives extra vertical support and creates more stable divan base for the drawer runners. The micron board is supported by the full thickness of the 17.5mm top rail and not a 7mm rebate. This makes the whole construction stronger and reduces the risk of the bed creaking. The headboard bolt fixing spacing has been adjusted to spread the support and reduces the flex of the headboard.

Drawers have also been upgraded and to reduce the possibility of the drawer falling into the divan base, the fronts are now held on the entire height of the front and not just on the bottom edge. There is now more space available to grip the drawer to close. The drawers will also be a snugger fit. Tolerances have now been tightened helping to prevent sideways movement on the drawers. This gives them a more precise feel – particularly when the drawers are fully loaded.