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It’s one the hardest questions to answer when buying a bed – do you really need a headboard to go with your bed? Well, truthfully, your need for one will entirely come down to personal preferences. However, there are 3 main reasons why people generally do decide to opt for a headboard to accompany their divan:

1: Versatility

The truth is, people get bored easily. Those purple walls you loved a few months ago? Well now you just know you should have gone for the pale gold. Yes, when it comes to decorating we love to change things up as much as possible. After-all, it does get tedious looking at the same colours every day.

Well that’s one major advantage to a headboard. It can be the main focal point in your bedroom, yet it is also easy and relatively inexpensive to replace or change. While with a bed frame or bedstead you would have to replace the entire thing, divans with headboards make change simple. Just think, you could go from a cool, romantic metal in summer to a cosy, cushioned upholstered headboard in winter. If you have adequate storage you could even keep multiple ones to swap as you please.

Hypnos-Elizabeth-Headboard-3202: Aesthetics

As mentioned above, a headboard can really define the décor of your room. Think of your headboard as a frame to your new bed – something that really brings together your whole room. If you choose to go with one then you should have a good think about what you want your headboard to add to your room.

Upholstered or fabric headboards are great for colour-matching to a theme or print in your room. These days you can get them in just about any colour that you like. Plus, if you have a certain print in mind most interior shops, such as Laura Ashley, sell rolls of their fabric so you can get yours upholstered in that fabric. Pictured is the Hypnos Elizabteth euro wide floor standing headboard.

Metal or wooden headboards can be very striking and come in a multitude of designs. In particular, metal finishes are thought to add a real sense of rustic glamour to a room. Both these materials can be found in lots of different colours too so it won’t be hard to get the perfect match for your bedroom.

3: Comfort

Perhaps the most important reason for adding a headboard to your room is for a sense of comfort – especially for those who like to read or watch television in bed. If you don’t have a headboard, in order to sit up you’ll need to lean against a wall, which will be far from comfortable. Having one can add both comfort and support to your head and shoulders.

Metal or wooden headboards will offer more support than the wall but these will be far from comfortable. However, depending on design, most of them will have some type of slat where you can put cushions or pillows to add comfort.

Upholstered or fabric headboards – particularly the padded ones – are perfect for bedtime readers as they are already comfy.

At the end of the day, choosing whether you need a headboard is entirely up to you, but they certainly have their plus-points.