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We don’t really use the name guest bed at Big Brand Beds. You see to us a 2 in 1 bed or a folding bed is also guest bed. I guess that any bed that isn’t being used on the night you have a visitor is technically a guest bed as they could sleep in it!

Relyon-Juno-Guest-Bed-250-1551.jpgIt’s interesting to see that when you Google ‘guest bed’, the top results to the query show the following results. It’s no surprise that page 1 results are dominated by the big retail multiples.

Tesco has a page of lots of inflatable mattresses, some folding beds and some 2 in 1 beds. John Lewis is similar with all 3 product variants being shown as do Argos. Dreams have a page of 2 in 1 beds and sofa beds whilst IKEA have 2 in 1 and day beds.

Having researched Google it is very evident that the search term or phrase ‘guest bed’ throws up many more variants of style of bed from our competitors than we do.  We don’t have a category of guest bed at all on our website, but looking at the competition we clearly should do.

We have tried to target our categories to be very specific, but perhaps they should be a bit more general and produce slightly broader results. Maybe all Birlea, Jay-Be and Relyon products should be listed as one.

The internet is a big learning curve for all of us, with the goal posts constantly moving. It is our job to keep up with trends and ultimately make searching for product as easy as possible for the consumer.

The beauty of the internet is that if it doesn’t work, we can always try something new or revert back to the original game plan.

Anyway, if you are looking for a guest bed check out our range today, which includes the Relyon Juno (pictured). We have a new category listed on Big Brand Beds!

Please note that all these comments and observations regarding our competitor’s websites are correct at the time of writing this blog.