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When you wake up in the morning feeling as if you got the grand total of 8 minutes’ sleep, it can be both frustrating and flabbergasting. So what are you doing wrong?!

Well, what many people don’t realise is that your diet is just as important to a good night’s sleep as your bed and mattress is comfortable or how normal your melatonin levels are. Indeed, that midnight snack that you love so much, might be the exact reason why you don’t get a good night’s sleep.

So what foods should you avoid before bed? Well here’s our list of top foods that will interrupt your beauty sleep:

Foods to Avoid if You Want the Perfect Night's Sleep1: Coffee and Tea

It might seem obvious to avoid the caffeine contained in your favourite cup of coffee, but you might not realise that your cup of tea has just as much caffeine. So, if you enjoy a cuppa before bed, you should really invest in some decaffeinated teabags. Your sleep will thank you for it!

2: Fizzy Drinks

Just like tea and coffee, a can of fizzy juice is also full of caffeine – especially the full sugar versions (which are also awful for your teeth and diet). Instead of drinking a few cans a night, swap it for a glass of milk or water.

3: Alcohol

It’s a common misconception that alcohol can get you to sleep quicker. True, it does have a sedative effect that will make you feel sleepy but this sleep will be non-restful as the sedative effect will wear off pretty quickly, leaving you feeling dehydrated and most likely desperate to visit the loo. Indeed, during a night when you’ve been drinking you make it through as little as 2 REM sleep cycles compared with 6 or more on a normal night. Then, of course, there’s the hangover the next day to contend with.

Foods to Avoid if You Want the Perfect Night's Sleep4: Spicy Foods

You might adore a spicy curry or Mexican takeaway, but the after-effects can be atrocious on your sleep. Spicy foods are known to trigger things like heartburn and can even cause you to go to the bathroom more frequently – both of which will disturb your sleep.

5: Burgers/Pizzas

Two of our country’s favourite foods are burgers and pizza – which is little wonder, as they are delicious. However, the high fat content in both of these foods are known to affect our sleep. This is due to the fact that our body has difficulty processing these foods. Your body will be too busy trying to digest your food rather than doing all the processes you need while you sleep. Plus, both these foods usually come with cheese, which is often linked with strange dreams. Although there is no proof to this, many people do report cheese giving them vivid dreams, including nightmares. If you do want to enjoy these foods, ensure you eat them well before your bedtme.

6: Foods High in Sugar

When we eat lots of sugar in a short amount of time, it causes a spike in our blood sugar levels. This can trick our body into feeling alert with this burst of energy and actually stop our body producing the sleep hormones needed to make us feel sleepy. Foods with high sugar can include cereal, chocolate and even low fat salad dressings. These dressings are often just sugar, water and flavouring, which is much less healthy than you might have thought.