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Buying a mattress is an incredibly important investment, yet most of us spend more time researching our new televisions and other gadgets.

But remember, your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your entire home! In fact, we spend a third of our lives in bed, so it’s vital that you pick a mattress that you adore. Yet, with such a daunting task ahead, what should you know before you buy a mattress?

1: Choose Comfort

Often when we think about a mattress, we think we should choose something like a firm mattress as we’ve heard that it’s good for our backs. When, in reality, we should be picking a mattress that we find comfortable! It may be that you adore a firm mattress, but you might also prefer to sleep on a medium mattress. So, instead, go and test sitting on various Mattressmattress types to see what type you find the most comfortable.

2: Don’t be Dependent on Friend Recommendations

Just because your colleague or aunt swears by a mattress, doesn’t mean you’ll like it. As long as you’re looking at high-quality mattresses from a reputable source, it’s again about finding a mattress you find comfortable rather than what someone you know likes.

You should, however, look at other consumer reviews online. These will give you an idea of pros and cons for a mattress and may answer questions you have. Which? is a very reputable place to browse reviews from other buyers.

3: Be Wise About the Size

The size of your new mattress is again completely down to preference. You may think a king is the height of luxury, but if you have a smaller room you’ll find your new mattress drowns your bedroom. Conversely, you also want a mattress that you feel gives you enough space to stretch – it’s all about your balance.

4: Research Mattress Types

Before you pick the mattress you want, it’s important to research what type of mattress will fit your needs. For instance, if you suffer from allergies on a regular basis you may wish to opt for a latex mattress, which has natural anti-allergen properties. Memory foam can be advantageous for couples, where moving is likely not to disturb your partner, and coil mattresses can provide a comfortable firmness that provides support. Again, this is about finding what works for you, so research the pros and cons for each type and see what ticks the most boxes for your own situation. You may even opt for a hybrid bed.

5: Decide on a Budget

A mattress should be seen as an investment, so you should pick a budget and research mattresses within that budget. What you shouldn’t do though, is be tempted by a bargain mattress you see on somewhere like Amazon. Sure, it’s great to see a mattress well below your budget – everyone loves a bargain! – but keep in mind that these mattresses often give a false economy. Made from cheap materials (some even stuffed with poor materials to bulk them) these mattresses will barely last a year meaning you’ll need to replace it soon, whereas a quality mattress should last you around 8 years.

Choosing a mattress might be scary to think about, but when you get to snuggle down on your brand-new mattress that is perfect for you, then the trouble is more than worth it. If you’re looking to buy a mattress but would like some advice on where to start, feel free to contact us, we’ll help guide you to find your perfect mattress that suits all your needs. 

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