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best selling divan beds, mattresses & bed framesDivan beds, mattresses, bed frames, kid’s beds and headboards. Our best sellers during 2012. The sales represent both online sales and those made in store.

Once again Sealy continues to be our biggest supplier, followed by Myers. Relyon, Rest Assured and Staples are equal third. We saw good growth in the folding bed / guest bed market with our Jay-Be range selling well. Overall the better quality products have been the best sellers this year.

Supplier by supplier, the following beds were our best sellers during 2012.


Adjustables Grand Duke adjustable bed
Myers Cosmos Easycare divan bed
Relyon Calm Pillow Top 1500 divan bed (pictured)
Rest Assured Silk 1400
Sealy Polaris
Silentnight Neptune
Slumberland Galaxy Memory Comfort divan bed
Staples Astral Elite  Pocket 1200 divan bed

Our best selling mattresses were

Rest Assured Silk 1400 mattress (pocket srung)
Sealy Meridian mattress (open coil srung)
Sealy Polaris mattress (open coil srung)
Staples Guinevere mattress (pocket sprung)

Our best selling bed frame was

Julian Bowen Cosmo (upholstered frame)

Our best selling headboard was

Stuart Jones Cameo headboard

Many of this years best sellers are very similar to last years. The specification of the bed has remained, but the name and the cover have changed. This is more to do with retailers wanting a change of look in the showroom than anything else.