Duvets & Pillows

Die Zudecke logoIf you enjoy sleeping on a soft luxurious pillow, then a plump goose down pillow is the probably the one for you. They don’t come cheap, but people that use them wouldn’t change them for the world. Our top of the range Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down pillows sell for £109. This is terrific value, but at that sort of price you want to protect your investment and make it last for as long as possible.

It’s important to keep your pillow clean and fresh, but this doesn’t mean having to wash them all the time.

Following our simple tips will help prolong the life of your much loved natural pillows. The care tips also apply to natural duvets.

  • Always use a pillow protector under your pillow case and make sure both are washed regularly. This will help to minimise soiling and eliminate potentially harmful bugs.
  • Shaking daily and regularly will help to retain the loft and shape of the pillow.
  • Goose down is easy care and rarely requires total washing. If machine washing is required we would Die Zudecke Canadian snow goose down pillowsalways recommend using an industrial machine at a laundrette. Use small quantities of detergent and wash at a low temperature (40 degrees) with a high spin speed. The drying is the most important aspect of the cleaning process. Tumble dry until the filling is completely dry. Under no circumstances should fabric conditioners be used.
  • For minor spillages, gently dab the excess spillage with a tissue before removing the pillow case and protector. Rinse under a tap, dab with an absorbent cloth and dry thoroughly.
  • For larger and general soiling, shake the filling away from the soiled area and gently hand wash with a weak solution of detergent and warm water. Allow to dry completely.
  • In the unlikely event of not using your goose down pillow, store in a dry well ventilated area.

Remember, this is not a cheap purchase, so look after it. If you require any further information on care, you will find it online at bigbrandbeds.co.uk. Alternatively, give us a call on 01273 857388 and we’ll be pleased to help further.