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die-zudecke-logoCan we help you choose your perfect down duvet? This is what our loyal customers have been buying from us through the summer months.

With a lovely warm summer this year, we saw sales of 3 tog Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvets grow beyond belief. This is lovely and light, with just enough snugly down to keep you comfortable during the warm summer nights.

As we enter autumn, our customers have been buying the all seasons combinations. These give you the benefit of a light weight summer duvet and medium weight duvet for use during the autumn and spring. They conveniently button together to provide a lovely warm winter duvet.

die-zudecke-canadian-white-snow-goose-down-duvetsThe biggest seller during September has been the 9.0 tog. We have noticed that our customers are buying lower tog values than they used to. This is primarily because modern homes are so well insulted and are very much more energy efficient. There is also a greater understanding that young children shouldn’t sleep under too warm a duvet. 10.5 tog is generally recommended as the warmest a young child should sleep under.

All the Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvets are covered in a luxurious 310 thread count down proof cotton. The walled cassette construction ensures the 100% down filling remains even across the whole quilt. With a 10 year guarantee, there is no better natural duvet of similar quality on the market.

Why not prepare yourself for winter with a 13.5 tog  Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvet. We can deliver within 48 hours. Join the many happy customers that have already experienced the exceptional customer service we offer. Our reputation has been built on it.