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die-zudecke-logoThere are a lot of amazing things that winter brings – Christmas, turkey dinners and festive coffee flavours to name a few. But there’s one thing that winter brings that isn’t so fun. That is, freezing cold nights. There’s nothing worse than trying to get to sleep in a freezing bed when it’s frosty outside. So how do you fix it?

Well electric blankets used to be the cold bed fixer of choice; you have to be careful using them, which isn’t great when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. Of course, you could use a hot water bottle but these will only last a few hours causing you to wake up covered in goose bumps at 2am in the morning.

No, the fix for your cold bed lies not with gadgets for your bed but with your bed itself. What you really need is to invest in a luxury duvet that will protect you from those chilly nights. A duvet like the luxury Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvet.

die-zudecke-blog-image-350You see, when you want a cosy duvet you look for one that is produced by a seriously cold country. Well we say produced, but we mean produced with. Canada is used to freezing winter temperatures so it makes sense that the Canadian snow goose would be very well insulated and therefore their down duvets would be particularly cosy to sleep under. 

Made with 100% high quality Canadian white snow goose down, this duvet is finished off with a 310 thread count cotton cover making it one of the most luxurious duvets on the market – yet it comes matched with an economical price that’s affordable.

The duvet itself is available in five different sizes – single, double, king size, super king size and emperor – meaning there is a duvet size for everyone. Even better, if you want a seriously cosy sleep at night you can get a duvet size bigger. This is especially good if you have a partner that likes to hog the covers. There will be enough duvet for you both!

As well as a range of sizes, the Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvet also comes in a range of tog values so you can match your new duvet to your chill-factor. Now if you’re not familiar with tog, think of it as the level of thermal resistance i.e. the bigger the tog value the warmer your duvet will be at night. This makes it easy to choose a duvet based on your own cold levels.

Even better, the Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvet can be purchased in connecting duvets of 3.0 and 9.0 togs. This allows you to make a totally customised duvet for your bed. You can use the 3.0 tog duvet in summer, the 9.0 tog duvet in Spring/Autumn and then combine them to make a 12.0 tog cosy duvet in winter. That way you’ll have the perfect night’s sleep all year round. Of course if you’re a colder or warmer sleeper you can decide yourself what tog value you’ll use at what times.

Get your perfect winter duvet, the Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvet before the nights get too frosty. Just think how happy you’ll be tucked up in bed while snow falls outside.